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ARIES: If you have something to sell you will have a good chance of getting your foot in the door. People are not likely to be put off by an initial approach but might be more skeptical about quality or warranties.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Tap into universal wisdom to make the best choices. Although you would like to have a break, attending to obligations and obeying the protocols must come first. You may feel mesmerized by someone’s mysterious allure.

GEMINI: Use your “can do” attitude to your advantage; you might be feeling more energetic and competitive these days than usual. Those in charge may seem exacting or demanding, but you should easily rise to the challenge.

CANCER: Your partner and loved ones should appreciate your mindfulness, while someone may share a profound insight. Use your warmth, friendliness and kindness to make a favorable impression on others when you are in the public eye.

LEO: You could feel your every move is being micromanaged, but you need to be accountable and should try to learn from any mistakes so you won’t repeat them. You should be able to rely on supportive friends.

VIRGO: You can be independent without going to extremes. An idea that becomes an obsession or a research-laden project requiring deep concentration could be profitable. Keep the secret if you want to be a trusted friend.

LIBRA: Let it stay in the friend zone. Someone may show their affection by being friendly, but not everyone who is friendly is able to be a worthy romantic partner. You may meet someone who has your best interests at heart.

SCORPIO: A sense of team spirit can make the job more rewarding; see what some shared experiences can do for your tribe. When someone new shows an interest in you, it could be tempting to investigate further.

SAGITTARIUS: Use your natural charisma to charm those who hold the reins of power. Speak your mind and persuade others to join you. You can easily put your point across in group settings; people should happily support your cause.

Tell it like it is. You can get right to the point because you understand the essence of the big picture. Powerful friends or allies may offer their support when you clearly outline your hopes and dreams.

AQUARIUS: You may feel pushed into a corner and asked to divulge privileged information.  Even so, uphold your integrity by respecting the privacy and rights of other people, though it may put you in an awkward position.

PISCES: Control the narrative. Someone inquisitive may probe and pry to access your confidential information, but you don’t need to answer them. Accept an invitation to a group outing or a shopping expedition.

IF FEB. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Extend a hand in friendship to new acquaintances and accept invitations to join organizations and groups during the upcoming four to six weeks. You can excel at sport and athletics so consider joining a gym or signing up for a league with new contacts. Use your abundant energy and enthusiasm wisely in late May and early June when it could be a good time to start something of importance. People should be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and grant favors at that time. You may be inspired by something, or someone, so write down your ideas, which may be valuable. Start nothing of significance in the second half of June and wait patiently for a changeable and unpredictable trend to end. By August, you should be able to demonstrate that you can be an astute businessperson and achieve your ambitions without being a cutthroat player.

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