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ARIES: You can be forgiving and adopt a pleasant spirit of give and take without making commitments. You may be more popular than you realize and could fire up someone’s affections by merely being warm and friendly.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: If you go shopping for holiday gifts, remember not to judge a book by its cover. Your business decisions could be right on target, but you should wait a few more days before you put your money on the line.

GEMINI: Patience makes a perfect partner. Something that has you up in arms may turn out to be an illusion. Wait until any tense situations settle down before you make important decisions or to put a new plan into motion.

CANCER: Appreciate whatever is of primary importance to a loved one or business partner. You can profit from someone’s skilled tactics during discussions of a business matter. This is a good time to listen and learn.

LEO: You can lose a battle or two and still win the war. Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t met personal goals yet; focus on being sure you’re meeting critical requirements. Friends may challenge your patience and understanding.

VIRGO: You can be a sharp cookie when it comes to handling practical matters. Determination to be the best, and persistence, will give you the edge where long-term success is concerned. Keep a tight rein on spending.

LIBRA: Your social life could be complicated by demands on your time and knowledge. Your enthusiasm for a job or task might waver if you’re confused by incomplete or vague instructions or are more interested in socializing.

SCORPIO: Conversations could contain compelling content. You and a partner can make a powerful force to be reckoned with if you present a united front. Nail down the terms and conditions of an agreement in writing.

SAGITTARIUS: Give in with good grace rather than fighting against the odds. Handle your resources with common sense. A partner or loved one may make a poor choice or impulsive decision, but you can still be supportive.

CAPRICORN: Moral victories may come at a price you are willing to pay. Whether business or pleasure is the subject, you should be resolved to pull out all the stops to be successful. You may be extravagant about showing affection.

AQUARIUS: An interest in attaining material success could shift relationships into a more positive direction. You may see how to cash in on someone’s ideas, but it is best to wait a few days to act on your astute observations.

PISCES: Avoid going to extremes. You want the best of everything but might not be willing to exert the effort to make your dreams come true. Avoid giving false assurances or making promises you cannot keep.

IF DEC. 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: A recent dispute may have been based on misinformation or misconceptions so do not compound any errors by taking further steps in the upcoming two to three weeks. Focus on being amiable and pleasant toward everyone as the holiday season approaches. Your passion for achieving material success may increase in January, but you might not be as clever or far-sighted about business and financial affairs as you think. Take a vacation in February if you can so you can review and revive your dreams. March can bring you the opportunity to attain your heart’s desire and a chance to make a positive change. Launch your most important plans while your judgment is at its best and you have the support of well-wishers. Your public image is enhanced through mid-April, making it a good time to change jobs, appear in public and meet influential people.

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