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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Get pumped up about romantic outings and social gatherings. You may be enthused about being the center of attention. Every shopping spree may be a challenge to see who finds the most unusual items.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Mix-ups and misunderstandings may occur if you change your plans abruptly without giving anyone adequate notice. It would be best to hold off on making major business decisions that can impact your home and family.

GEMINI: Your motives might be as pure as newly fallen snow, but some people may misinterpret your meaning – most people unknowingly project themselves onto others. Dramatic gestures could fall flat so avoid giving the wrong impression.

CANCER: A temporary slump in the atmosphere can lead to brief disenchantment. It might be in your best interests to maintain a low profile and avoid stirring up controversy. Act on impulses that inspire your happiness.

LEO: Be aware that there are limitations to goodwill. Be cautious when presented with a standoff due to a difference of opinion. Shoulder your responsibilities without complaining or trying to lighten your burdens.

VIRGO: Understand your power base to leverage it effectively. Enjoy meeting new and exciting people but do not expect the same feelings of good fellowship to dominate the more businesslike workplace scene.

LIBRA: Exciting fantasies might seem better than the real thing. You may be so enamored by your daydreams that you could be annoyed by friends or coworkers who surprise you with facts. Get real with your expectations.

SCORPIO: Things can vary somewhat and still be fundamentally solid. Even if there is a temporarily tense family situation, you don’t need to worry; all should resolve and return things to a high level of affection at home.

SAGITTARIUS: It may be difficult to pin someone down. You might not be sure of someone’s feelings or see a family issue clearly. Trust that everything should go as planned even if there are some bumps in the road.

CAPRICORN: Go slow and do plenty of homework; making quick financial decisions could prove costly. It is wise to walk away briefly and give yourself a “grace period” to cool off before making a large investment or key purchase.

AQUARIUS: Pause before you play. The timing may feel off for you now and other people may appear to have better strategies, so bide your time. Let someone else have all the glory for now and rest assured your time will come.

PISCES: Your reactions to someone may be fueled by romantic fantasies. If you project your wishful thinking on a new companion, you might end up disappointed. Discuss key issues and develop profound insights.

IF SEPT. 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You could be immersed in big dreams and the race for material gain during the upcoming two to three weeks. If your objectives involve getting a new job or making a romantic commitment, you may be at your most attractive and desirable during the first two weeks of October. Make major decisions and changes that could affect your finances or business affairs in the second half of October when your judgment and prudence is at a peak. Romance could be your top priority in early December and January when your popularity might skyrocket, and you may form valuable partnerships. Your good character and trustworthiness can propel your career skyward in February.

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