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ARIES: Be a standup person; you may need to make something right as this week unfolds. Your charisma may be at a high point in the middle of the week, adding charm to your reliability and trustworthiness.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Keep your finger on the pulse and marshal your resources. Some extra behind-the-scenes intel could help you out a lot. Be wise with money, you might easily incur extra expenses in the week ahead.

GEMINI: You can’t expect to win every time or for everything to be perfect. Acknowledge and validate yourself for doing the best you can do. Accentuate the positive as the week progresses and celebrate every victory.

CANCER: Mentor and be mentored to share helpful knowledge. Your flair for fashion or great people skills might come in handy in the upcoming week. Find ways to enhance your world without going overboard.

LEO: Do a little soul-searching if you feel down. During the week, surround yourself with interesting people and mingle with key influencers. It can improve your mood to have lively conversations and take an interest in others.

VIRGO: This is a good time to focus on research and making public appearances. Add new contacts to your phone and build up your bank account. In the week ahead, you can grow closer to a loved one or ally.

LIBRA: Give as good as you get. You might need to utilize extra empathy and tact to help with someone’s distress as the week unfolds. A partner or loved one might be more supportive and affectionate than usual.

SCORPIO: Learn more about other’s lives and experiences in the week ahead. Don’t let anyone stand in your way or discourage you from pursuing a worthwhile objective. Look at matters objectively or ask for advice from a good friend.

SAGITTARIUS: Listen to a variety of opinions to widen your horizons. Your words can have a positive effect on someone. Work with a family member’s biases or desire to hear only what they want to hear in the upcoming week.

CAPRICORN: Dig in and do your best. You will find that you have access to reserves of strength and persistence in the week to come. You can easily investigate deep subjects and handle detailed mental work.

AQUARIUS: Manage your life the way you would manage a business. In the early part of the week, it may make sense to curtail unnecessary expenses. Roll up your shirt sleeves and get to work to keep up with an energetic partner.

PISCES: Never poke a sleeping dragon. You might need to tiptoe around a few people with short tempers in the week ahead. However, you should also be able to make some timely purchases and connect with a cool crew.

IF AUG. 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your strategic vision of possibilities during the upcoming four to five weeks could help you make the connections necessary to climb higher on the ladder of success and to make astute decisions about investments or finances. During late October and early November, you may feel so passionate about standing up for your own rights or someone else’s rights to the point where you may be distracted from achieving something of importance. Your restless desire for success may be best played out by working harder at achieving your material ambitions in December and January. Avoid taking on new obligations in February when your luck is at a low point. 

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