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ARIES: Your friendly attitude might attract admiration and devotion, but at the same time, someone could misinterpret your warmth. Don’t be alarmed if someone thinks you are flirting when you’re just being sociable.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You can easily handle a sudden about-face although it may be inconvenient. Use your people skills to cool off anyone who seems upset. Work on becoming more sensitive and empathetic.

GEMINI: Someone may help you to see the difference between fact and fantasy. What you thought was real may turn out to be a case of smoke and mirrors. Get more in touch with reality and spend time with trustworthy friends.

CANCER: Every setback can prepare you for a better comeback. Be grateful for those who point out your mistakes so you can do better. Your heart may yearn for romantic moments with a loved one, but some duties could interfere.

LEO: Dip your toe into the pool of possibilities to test the temperature before you reach the point where you are compelled to dive in headfirst. You could do your best work on center stage where everyone can see you.

VIRGO:  People who play dirty get dirty in a way that doesn’t wash off. Release unfounded suspicions and doubts. A loved one may remind you of your moral obligations. Be a good friend to avoid misunderstandings.

LIBRA: Being supportive might become more difficult if someone close becomes difficult to fathom or vacillates between hot and cold. It may be necessary to agree with someone to keep the peace now.

SCORPIO: Old bad habits may seem to come around again; you might notice that someone is back to the same old ways despite earlier objections. Exercise social finesse at gatherings for a common purpose.

SAGITTARIUS: Ignore mirages that fade when observed closely. You could be misled by appearances or mistake a new friend’s interest for a romantic overture. You have outstanding talents — don’t hide them.

CAPRICORN: Spend quality time with family to take off the edge. At the same time, you may be frustrated by expenditures or a pile of bills and may need to spread yourself out so the most important bases are covered.

AQUARIUS: Some of the clouds you encounter will have a silver lining. If you are slowed down or blocked, it might be fortunate, although you won’t know why at the time. Slow down and avoid potholes.

PISCES: Pluck the cosmic tuning fork and adjust your emotional state to resonate with it. Even though your heart is stirred to sympathy, there could be a misunderstanding. Be sure you know who you are dealing with.

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