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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Sticking with the known is good right now. There is safety and security in following through with promises and routines. Do not make sudden changes even if it is tempting to give in to the fancies of a family member.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Apply your ingenuity to an emerging situation. You can find a way to escape if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Situations can shift quickly and require quick responses — be alert and ready to act.

GEMINI: You’ll make far more progress by using your head than by trying to fake it in any way. A loved one or partner could have some wise ideas where finances are concerned. Address your needs calmly and rationally.

CANCER: You probably don’t need to find ways to spend your time because you already have more than enough to do. While others around you may be depressed or doom scrolling, you are able to keep yourself busy and happy.

LEO: You have the stamina to handle pressing duties and intensive jobs. You may also need the resourcefulness to contend with criticism and unexpected changes to your plans. Stick to your goals but make necessary adjustments.

VIRGO: The plans and tactics you cook up with a partner or loved one should work out for the best in the end. Minor emergencies or upsets could spoil your work routines. Be appreciative when a friend does a good deed.

LIBRA: You may be called upon to follow through on commitments while someone else changes the terms. Stay on track and eventually things can work out if you refuse to be pushed into reacting before you are ready.

SCORPIO: Be generous and humble toward others. Avoid the temptation to show off your successes. Instead, choose to set a good example to others for the future. Wait until next week to make major purchases.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t shortchange yourself. You are likely just as hardworking as anyone else and have the skills to make a wise business plan. Graciously overlook any temporary chill that dampens a friendship or work relationship.

CAPRICORN: If you have a solid base, a few shakeups will not topple your plans. You may receive an unexpected bill that stretches your budget, but you should not worry because funds could be supplemented in a few days.

AQUARIUS: Balance what you think is proven against the need to stay abreast. You can be stubborn but also welcome new ideas. When you know there are changes afoot you can make a smooth transition by being more flexible.

PISCES: You can achieve whatever you believe. You may find that sharing some of your farseeing ideas with someone else will help you find a way to make them a reality. You can inspire someone to reach more ambitious goals.

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