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Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Consider all the alternatives. When you are faced with an “either or” choice, there are probably other inventive ways that have been overlooked. Friends may expect you to participate in their fundraising efforts.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your actions are right on target but thoughtfulness counts, too. When someone gives you a gift, be sure to show your gratitude. Even if it’s just something small, it’s likely that it comes from the heart.

GEMINI: Someone’s support and appreciation can give you a boost to your confidence. Try to find a career path that allows you to do something you not only enjoy but in which you excel. Passion for your work helps hold your attention.

CANCER: Make a straightforward move. On the chessboard of life, some pieces do not have the ability to move as far as others. Work together with someone else to overcome obstacles and clear the board with dynamic know-how.

LEO: Keep an open mind until you understand and the unfamiliar becomes familiar. New technologies and other advances may seem complicated, but someone should be happy to teach you the tricks and give you some tips.

VIRGO: Exercise discretion to obtain the best cooperation from coworkers. Any favor you need or advice you seek should be ready when you need it. You and a loved one may share the same opinions and vision of the future.

LIBRA: You might not be at your best and may need some down time. Loved ones could act decisively and swiftly but you may not be able to keep up now. You may need to bend with the winds of the latest trends to please a partner.

SCORPIO: There may be an ideal opportunity to express your deepest desires and hidden yearnings. When you are pleased with yourself and confident in your beliefs, your partner will likely be happy to share in your joys.

SAGITTARIUS: Make your home a serene and tranquil oasis that makes you feel good on the inside and that you can be proud of on the outside. Subtle changes can enhance your environment and make it more comfortable.

CAPRICORN: Valuable information might come your way if you chat with friends and explore an array of new ideas to make progress faster. This is a good time to consider long-range plans, gather advice, or to evaluate family issues.

AQUARIUS: Be more positive about success. If you set your sights too low, you might be staring at the bottom rung of the ladder of success. This may be a good day to make a purchase that shows your good taste and solid practicality.

PISCES: Every one of your life experiences contributes to who you are now and adds new tools to your tool belt. Your decision-making ability is enhanced so you should clearly see the consequences of launching your plans.

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