Mix and Match: products with elegant Eastern touches

As the name suggests, Mix and Match reflects the idea of making ready-made and customized items. (Photo: Handouts from May Batt)
AMMAN — Mix and Match is a Jordanian brand specialized in elegant handicrafts that embrace Eastern heritage. In 2008, May Batt, the founder of Mix and Match, established her business, wishing to find new, unique, and high-quality pieces for her house that she could not find in the local market. اضافة اعلان

For instance, Batt and her children made decorations for Ramadan that they could not find to add fun vibes to the season. She would also help her friends and family members to decorate their houses.

“Mix and Match is made in Jordan by Jordanian hands and embraces the Eastern style,” Batt said in an interview with Jordan News, adding that she the designer and the one who implements the designs. 

(Photo: Handouts from May Batt)

The first piece she created was a prayer mat that received positive feedback, Batt said. It is a product she is proud of and it is her bestseller. The prayer mat has developed over the years as she changes the fabric and embroidery each season.

Due to COVID-19, Batt had to close her Mix and Match showroom located in the 7th circle area, as people preferred to stay home and buy products online. However, Mix and Match is still available at several locations, as in Sweifieh Village, InterContinental hotel, in addition to her online store. She also exports her products to some Gulf countries.

As the name suggests, Mix and Match reflects the idea of making ready-made and customized items. Clients can match pieces, for example trays and cushions, and choose the materials they desire, she said.

“You can Mix and Match everything you want with a specific handmade theme which embraces the same spirit,” she added.

Batt said that people love Arabic calligraphy and like to include it in their clothes and home decorations.

She chose the Eastern character for Mix and Match because of her pride in her Arabic heritage, and because of the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decorations. 

(Photo: Handouts from May Batt)

The main products of Mix and Match are home accessories that are embroidered, such as prayer mats and dining table sets, or leather products “because of their elegance that makes them suitable for many places”, such as homes and offices. For example, Batt makes trays, chocolate boxes, juice bottles and many other things using leather.

Mix and Match has a traditional line, with unique touches, that is inspired by the Jordanian heritage, in addition to the customized line that allows the clients to have the designs and themes they want, she said.

Batt chooses the materials according to the purpose of the product. Some pieces, she said, have to be made with machine-washable fabrics. Most of the materials are from the local market. Some, however, are imported from Turkey, while the leather is from Italy.

She said that the competition in the Jordanian market is much higher compared to what it was 13 years ago, when she came up with her Mix and Match idea. Nowadays, many businesses have the same ideas and products, at different prices and qualities, she said, but what is important to her is “to uphold her business image that embraces high-quality and elegant designs”.

This also means that she has to be up to date regarding the market trends, to produce pieces that fit the era.

To reach the largest number of clients, Batt uses social media platforms to advertise Mix and Match products, which she finds the most effective tool. At different times she was using different advertising tools, including flyers.

(Photo: Handouts from May Batt)

Batt said the Jordanian market is somehow difficult for several reasons. For instance, the raw materials are not always available in Jordan, or not available in small amounts, and high taxes are levied on businesses such as hers. 

COVID-19 has both a positive and a negative effect on her business, she said. On the positive side, people’s desire to renew their houses seems to have increased during the pandemic. On the other hand, “the footfall on the offline stores has decreased”.

Batt aims to open new Mix and Match branches around the Arab world, including in the Gulf countries, because “its nature holds Islamic and Arabic vibes”. The majority of Batt clients are Arabs and Muslims.

Its worth mentioning that Mix and Match is one of the many designers that are supported by Zain Jordan through “Dezain space” which was launched in 2018 to support the continual growth of the designing sector across the kingdom, and to shed lights on Jordanian creative designs, in addition to providing the opportunity for the Jordanian designers to reach the markets, connecting them with other designers to collaborate with each other, mentoring them and empower them to expand their business and grow.

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