Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Knowing what you want is half the battle. Draw from people you know you can rely on for positive input and solid facts. Don't disregard the past; learn from your mistakes, and choose the path that offers peace of mind.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Step into the spotlight. Regardless of how nervous you are or what discouragement you receive from jealous bystanders, you are ready to perform. Pick yourself up and do what you do best, and the rest will be history. Believe in yourself.  

GEMINI: You'll face opposition if you are too open about what you plan to do next. Focus on how best to proceed, pay attention to detail, follow through with confidence and use your ability to reach your goal with or without help.  

CANCER: Pick up the pieces, put them together and make headway. Look at the possibilities, and use your persuasiveness to encourage others to see things your way. Paint a broad picture and color it with positivity and the promise of prosperity.

LEO: Don't feel you need to jump if someone tells you to or asks for something. Take your time and decide what's best for you. Pay more attention to your finances, and don't take on expenditures that will stress your savings.  

VIRGO: A last-minute change will play in your favor. Don't hesitate to jump at a chance to do something new and exciting or network or socialize with someone you find informative and well-connected. A partnership looks promising. Romance is encouraged.  

LIBRA: Don't make a fuss or get in the way. Concentrate on something you want to accomplish, and designate your time to self-improvement, learning, and fixing or completing whatever you've left undone or broken.  

SCORPIO: Dig in to doing something that brings you joy. Spend more time at home clearing space for something you want to pursue or incorporate into your daily routine. Put on your thinking cap, and invite someone over who has something worth contributing.  

SAGITTARIUS: Dangle what you have in front of someone trying to beat you at your own game. Whether it's romance, a personal vendetta or a business deal, take charge and turn the tables on anyone who tries to manipulate you.  

CAPRICORN: You've got your finger on the pulse, and there is no need to slow down. Embrace change, and own what takes place. Being bold and in charge will force others to value what you have to offer and respect your shrewdness.  

AQUARIUS: Take a leadership position to control the outcome. Distance yourself from those who keep changing their minds. Clarity, structure and discipline will carry you to the finish line. Don't let go of your dreams, hopes and wishes.  

PISCES: Expansion will tempt you. Consider what's involved and act accordingly. You can choose unorthodox methods if you intend to oversee every step of the way. Taking control and following through is the forerunner to success. Look, see and do.  

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