Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: You'll face opposition from someone competitive. Don't let anyone disrupt your plan. Keep your eye on what you want to achieve, and put your intelligence and energy into reaching your goal. Distance yourself from high-risk situations and people.  اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don't let stubbornness set in when you should be exploring the possibilities. Learn all you can regarding the ins and outs of something that can help you perfect a skill you want to use to your advantage. Change begins with you.  

GEMINI: Put one foot in front of the other, and continue to push your way to the front of the line. Use your intelligence and a little brute force until you are happy with the results you achieve. Speak on your behalf, and avoid being misinterpreted.  

CANCER: Incorporate your imagination into everything you do, and you'll stand out and make a difference. Don't expect everyone to be on your side; jealousy will prevail, and it's up to you to stay focused on giving your all and doing your best.  

LEO: Learn through observation. If you move forward without thinking about consequences, you'll end up having to do things twice. Don't let change throw you off guard. Analyze what's happening, and make the necessary adjustments that offset any chance of failure.  

VIRGO: You can have fun and make an impression without overspending. Be innovative, and you'll develop a cost-efficient plan that will open doors and offer insight into new and exciting possibilities. Don't let negativity stand in your way.  

LIBRA: A disciplined approach to what others expect of you will help you finish what you start. Take better care of your health and home, and it will spare you loss and regret. Take the path that soothes your soul instead of following someone else.  

SCORPIO: Refuse to let anyone hold you back. Consider what's best for you, and follow through. It's OK to be different and follow your gut feeling. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and do what makes you happy. Romance is favored.  

SAGITTARIUS: Go over every detail. Sharing your thoughts and feelings too soon will backfire. Spend more time observing and less time sharing. Put your time and effort into how best to use your skills to get ahead or make a difference.  

CAPRICORN: Follow your interests. Incorporate something you love to do into your daily routine. Work that you enjoy can make your life less stressful. Look into what you need to do to offset negativity and poor decisions. Let go of the past.

AQUARIUS: Anger will stand between you and what you want to achieve. Refuse to let what others do or say ruffle your feathers. Focus on what you can do to get ahead. Discipline and determination are encouraged.  

PISCES: Turn your dreams into a reality. Don't let what others do anger you. Instead, put your energy where it counts, and concentrate on whatever it takes to achieve happiness. If you can imagine it, you can incorporate it into your life.  

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