Little Volunteer : A beautiful legacy

(Photos: Handouts from Little Volunteer)
Little Volunteer is an initiative that aims to engage children aged 3 to 12 in various volunteer activities. The activities are divided into two categories: I am Responsible and Draw a Smile.اضافة اعلان

The initiative was founded by Zeina Asfour in 2015, to increase children’s understanding of the value of volunteering.

“We want to raise children who are conscious of their place in their community, their responsibilities to others, and their responsibilities to Mother Nature. We, as parents, will accompany our children and set an example by participating in a group of pre-arranged volunteer activities appropriate for their age,” Asfour said.

“The entire initiative was created by Zeina driven by her two daughters, Leen and Bana. She wanted them to be involved in volunteer work, but there was nothing for their age, so she created Little Volunteer,” Yasmine Asfour, managing director at Little Volunteer, told Jordan News.

“Let us teach our children that they are members of their community and that Mother Nature is a gift from God that we must protect. Let us instill in them the belief that time is too valuable to be squandered. Let us instill in them the belief that giving is a blessing and that we can only advance by lifting others,” Yasmine Asfour said, adding that helping others and serving our community “teaches hope, kindness, and courage like nothing else”.

By coming up with the initiative, Zeina Asfour wished to show that “a child must engage in volunteer work at a young age since they cannot be expected to do anything else as they grow if they are not accustomed to it. The goal is to create a generation that is involved in volunteer activity and has a sense of social and environmental responsibility”.

“We instill in kids self-assurance as well as the ability to think constructively and creatively. It also improves leadership abilities, negotiation skills, and emotional and social intelligence,” the Yasmine Asfour said.

The initiative diversifies activities to suit the children’s tendencies and aspirations, and help them spend an enjoyable and useful time at the same time through different community services, programs, and workshops.

It was not easy to convince people that three-year-old children can participate in many activities, that at such a young age children can be part of the community and make a difference, said Asfour.
Developing children’s skills in volunteering and offering possibilities for cooperation, increases respect and tolerance for others, and appreciation for the act of giving...
“Also, volunteering in a non-traditional way, not by giving money or items that people do not need or want, but by being part of this community and believing that they can do a difference and be leaders and role models for other kids,” was not easy, she added.

Developing children’s skills in volunteering and offering possibilities for cooperation, increases respect and tolerance for others, and appreciation for the act of giving, teaches them to be responsible members and part of the community, Asfour believes.

As such, “volunteering effort and time is the most important focus of the Little Volunteer Initiative”.

Activities aim at serving the community and helping the less fortunate, and at creating a role for children in society.

“Children volunteering leads to the development of self-assured leaders capable of effecting change for the benefit of society, and it makes little volunteers happier,” Asfour said.

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