Taj Lifestyle: Transforming the experience of modern shoppers since 2011

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(Photos: Taj Lifestyle’s website)
AMMAN — Looking for a spot to chill out in Amman that has it all? Taj Mall is the place for you, with its affordable and luxury brands, a bustling food court, and a playground for kids. But there’s more to Taj Mall than what meets the eye.اضافة اعلان

Taj Lifestyle, also known as Taj Mall, is the fanciest place to go shopping for your favorite brands. It is a multi-purpose mall that has transformed the experience of modern shoppers, located on Prince Hashim Bin Al-Hussein Street in Abdoun. Unlike most malls, Taj made the area a vital district.

It opened its doors to the public in 2011 through a financial crisis. It is still regarded as one of Jordan’s best and largest shopping complexes, with more than 190 retailers spreading across 150,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space.

Costing $170 million, it became Amman’s newest hype. The five-story complex was designed by RSMS Architects, a New Delhi based firm. Developing a big mall like this one is not easy, especially given the climate of financial crunch at the time of the construction. 

The building includes a huge glass atrium covered in shade cloths to keep the scorching heat at bay. The mall has lantern-type lights hanging from the ceilings, but it otherwise looks like any other modern mall in Europe or the United States. Its design might blend in with other shopping centers abroad, but it stands out on the national level.

To its credit, Taj is built with stunning stonework combining the traditional and the contemporary. It boasts spacious outside patios which overlook panoramic views of the city at night. An evening spent on a patio will make you feel as though you’re taking a reprieve from the craziness surrounding you. The patios house a vibrant and diverse selection of outdoor restaurants, casual eateries, and cafes.

(Photos: Taj Lifestyle’s website)

While tourists prefer the typical Middle Eastern openair souqs over malls, you cannot help but notice tourists mingling with Jordanian families and youth, catching a peek of everyday life in Jordan and marveling at the modern side of this old country, rich in historical landmarks.

The shopping center is pitched as a “lifestyle destination”, a glitzy fully-fledged experience for the cosmopolitan city residents. Taj offers Jordanians a retail heaven of high street fashion labels, designer boutiques, jewelry, cosmetics and beauty to kids’ wear, home decor, sporting goods, electronics, and convenience supermarkets. Additionally, Taj has the largest cinema in Jordan with 16 screens, four of which are VIP cinemas. 

The property is equipped with amenities to support the lifestyle idea. Restrooms, baby changing rooms, ATM machines, among other adult and children facilities, can be located throughout the building’s several courts.
The underground maze-like garage at Taj is easy to get lost in, making parking a challenge. People usually find their cars using their remote alarm system.

Leaving the garage is more akin to leaving a military camp than an elegant retail temple. The massive Taj Mall already sits uncomfortably near to a bridge where the street corner adjacent to it narrows down, causing traffic jams. The onslaught of shoppers is like adding salt to injury.

Taj was hit hard in the past two years when it was shut down. The pandemic altered the retail landscape as it pushed Taj’s retailers to invest in contactless ways for customers to shop and expand e-commerce options. It takes more than a global pandemic to make it close its doors permanently. Taj reopened to the public when the Jordanian government started lifting COVID restrictions — a welcome boost during a chaotic year. 

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