Mandlina fire pits warm and brighten winter gloom

Mandlina’s popular firepits can be used indoors or outdoors. They can add ambience and warmth in the winter, or act as a portable campfire in the summer. (Photos: Mandlina)
As the chill in the air becomes more pervasive, leaves start to wither and fall, and the atmosphere turns gloomy, it is time to consider getting yourself a fire pit to bask in the light and warmth of a flaming winter glow. Mandlina, a Jordanian studio known for its modern minimalist concrete fire pits and home accessories, makes attractive contemporary statement pieces for patios, backyards, or even interior spaces.اضافة اعلان

Mandlina first came to light in 2017, when a creative duo, Dania Al-Allaf and Mohannad Hamawi, decided to put their skills to use. Hamawi, a graphic designer, draws up the items while Allaf employs her marketing expertise to promote the products to the masses. Together, they create an experience that will bring people closer together to create memories that last a lifetime.

“Mandlina’s logo is vibrant, colorful, and was very reflective of our first products: concrete plant pots,” Allaf told Jordan News.

When Mandlina was first established, concrete home decorations were not that common in Jordan. By bringing the designs of their home decorations up a notch, casting them in concrete, and ensuring high quality, Hamawi and Allaf quickly gathered a loyal customer-base for their company.

“Concrete is typically utilized in construction. We saw the beauty in the simple and mundane, and brought it out. We trust that our designs are sufficient to provide a minimal, sophisticated aesthetic, thus we don’t utilize colors, dye, or other additives” Allaf said.

Despite being made of concrete, Mandlina’s products are not as heavy as one might think — they are portable, durable, and easy for personal use.

The company’s products soon expanded to include, among other items, office sets, planter sets, and home and office accessories — all made with love. Customers can even purchase plants to go with the concrete pots.

But the true Mandlina bestseller is its concrete fire pit, in its varied manifestations. With their understated style and unmatched durability, fire pits are simple to integrate into almost any outdoor or indoor design. They add ambience and warmth in the winter, or act as a portable campfire in the summer. Since they are made of concrete, they do not crack under heat.

“Our portable fire pits are a lovely addition in any living space; they can take the place of fireplaces but still provide that feeling of warmth, light, and coziness. It is a fantastic family activity to roast marshmallows and let things off your chest — even though it doesn’t provide enough heat to warm up an entire house,” Allaf explained.

“It’s also a perfect choice for picnics and outdoor gatherings,” she added.

Mandlina, a Jordanian studio, creates concrete planters, fire pits, and accessories with modern, minimalist designs. 

The collection of fire pits comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including Half Moon and Nebula models. Each unique mold was designed from scratch.

Allaf said that at first it was “quite tough” to convince people to buy their products. However, as a demand for similar products began to catch on, they began to see success and were able to broaden their scope.

No matter in what form — there is always something captivating and mesmerizing about watching the flames of a fire dance.

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