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Founder of award-winning DalDesign talks success, architecture

Daed Mousa, the founder of DalDesign, is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Handout from DalDesign)
Daed Mousa, the founder of DalDesign, is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Handout from DalDesign)
AMMAN — For some people, architecture isn’t just a career, it is a source of never ending passion and inspiration. Daed Mousa, the founder of DalDesign, is one of those people.  اضافة اعلان

“You reach success when you do what you love, and love what you do.” Mousa said in a recent interview with Jordan News.

The American Community School is picture in this undated photo, after DalDesign worked on the schools interior spaces. (Photo: Handout from DalDesign)

Mousa majored in architecture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology and after graduating in 2000, she worked at various architectural studios and on large projects such as the Mahmoud Darwish Museum in Ramallah and the Crisis Management Center in Jordan. She was also lead the interior design department at the Consolidated Consultants Group.

However, Mousa said that throughout her career she thought about starting her own interior design studio.

In 2013, Mousa decided to take a leap of faith and founded DalDesign from her home. Her business and her team eventually grew and she moved into an apartment above her own. DalDesign is now one of the leading design studios in the region.

“My dream has no limit, I’ll keep pursuing it even if I am 90 years old.” Mousa said.

A collection of DalDesigns work. The company’s founder, Daed Mousa, said she strongly believes a space can shape the person living in it. (Photo: Handout from DalDesigns)

DalDesign specializes in interior design but also works in architecture and landscape design, and they work with a variety of interiors, such as spaces involved with education, entertainment, government, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, and dining.

DalDesign has also worked on various regional projects such as the executive offices in Zaha Hadid’s Opus Tower in Dubai and the Red Sea Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

The designer added that she is a strong believer in the saying: “You shape the space, then the space shapes you”, and that interior design isn’t only a matter of colors, shapes and fabrics, but involves creating a sense of belonging for users that lends itself to customers’ personalities.

She believes that even small design elements help upgrade a space, and that lighting, accessibility, ventilation, acoustics, and aesthetics all directly affect quality of life and mental health.

(Photo: Handout from DalDesigns)

“The designer creates a new journey and life for the client, I always notice how clients change as human beings (both) while and after the design process; they walk out feeling and interacting with the space differently.” Says Mousa.
One of the most elegant and innovative projects DalDesign has worked on is the American Community Schools, which has won international awards.

The school’s library was turned from an almost empty rigid space, into a place that kids enjoy spending time in.

“The school’s principle told me that we changed the way they teach, and that, to me is more rewarding than all the money and awards in the world.” said Mousa.

According to Mousa, DalDesign’s strength lies in her team, which has been with her from the start. She added that their diversity and the homogeneity of their employees forms the core of the projects success.

As with most architecture and design studios, surviving the pandemic was a huge challenge, but DalDesign remained on its feet.

“It was a challenge and we managed to survive because of our belief that DalDesign has to stay; if anything, it only made me more persistent.” Mousa said.

Since its founding, DalDesign has won international and local architectural prizes, such as the international property award 2020, for the best public service interior-Arabia, and the luxury lifestyle award 2021, for the best luxury commercial interior design project in Jordan.

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