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ARIES: A weekend getaway or some retail therapy can feel like a perfect answer if the urge for excitement creeps closer. While enticing, it may be a safer move to hold on to the majority of your money and make minute purchases for now.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It can be tempting to bring in new ways of doing things even when you are not certain how the old way worked, but it could leave you out on a ledge. Like an artist you cannot innovate unless you first understand the fundamentals.

GEMINI: Sometimes even when speaking the same language, people may not hear the same words. You might need more practice and understanding to develop skills to be a translator. Learn to listen to intentions behind words.

CANCER: Rather than jump to conclusions, use the lift to reach further heights. Remain focused on achieving the goals you have set out to accomplish. Try to avoid making promises, commitments or key purchases until conditions improve.

LEO: A change of circumstances could occur in the future, but until then, hold onto every dollar like it is your last. Your career or social life may be unpredictable right now so it might be promising to prepare for all contingencies.

VIRGO: You may understand patterns around you, but strange designs could creep in and clash with what you might have expected. If you take a step back, you can start to see your part in the whole mosaic.

LIBRA: Countless changes can be confusing. The desire for more excitement may be heating up but may just as easily cool down. Be cautious giving your attention to someone who may be here today but gone tomorrow.

SCORPIO:  Now is not the time to throw the dice or flip a coin to make decisions. Don’t gamble with your heart or your wallet right now. It is important to live up to the trust that people have in you and honor commitments.

SAGITTARIUS: It’s a win-win when giving time, expertise or money back to your community to help others is also tax deductible. Even when it’s done right, something about a project could leave you unsatisfied.

CAPRICORN: Your ambitions may increase until the only thing you can think of day and night is achieving them. While you are determined to succeed at your goal, romance may need some time set aside to flourish as well.

Impulsive purchases can feel exciting or romantic but face reality. Apply careful judgment to avoid needless expenses or predictable repercussions. Look past labels to see what you are really dealing with.

PISCES: We all live with the consequences of our choices. If you don’t learn from past mistakes, you’re likely to repeat them. if confronted with an old error, it’s never too late to learn and make proper amends.

IF JUNE 29 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Write down inspiring ideas but do not act on them during the coming two to three weeks when you might lack common sense or fall prey to daydreaming. This is not the time to get involved with get-rich schemes or entangled in a one-sided romantic relationship. Sort through your options during August when your ambitions begin to power up. Although you may be enthusiastic about starting something new in the first half of September, and could stick with it, some things will unfold in your favor later. Your prayers could be answered in late September when you could meet people who have your best interest at heart and possess the wisdom to embrace appropriate opportunities and turn them to your advantage.

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