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ARIES: One way to make solidarity tangible may be to get everyone to pool their efforts now. You might get the most accomplished when paired up with a friend or working within a cooperative framework.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It’s a great big universe, and anything is possible. Aim high whenever you may be tempted to make major changes or want to experiment with something new. The sky’s the limit when your timing is carefully chosen.

GEMINI: Make your own rules but try not to break someone else’s. A poorly chosen word or comment can land you in the doghouse. Luckily, forgiveness may be easier than usual to find. A sincere apology should put things right quickly.

CANCER: The more you share with a loved one, the closer you could become. You may feel mentally agile and eager to investigate someone’s powerful ideas or interests. You might find opportunities in the least likely places.

LEO: Spread your enthusiasm generously and widely and other people could be eager to join your team. It may be challenging to remain patient when someone hesitates or gets to the point more slowly than you do but give them grace anyway.

VIRGO: Romantic and friendly relationships can be highly satisfying unless you view them as simply transactional. If you are engrossed in a project or business interest, be mindful that you don’t leave loved ones out in the cold for too long.

LIBRA: Peace and tranquility could be your most prized possessions. You and a partner might not always agree completely, but you can respect each other’s opinion. A sympathetic bystander might help you mend some fences.

SCORPIO: Applaud someone’s good intentions. There may be opportunities for compromise that solve all your on-the-job problems. Make key decisions today or tomorrow while you have a firm grasp on potential long-range results.

SAGITTARIUS: You may have made lofty plans to live a purpose-driven life. Your money is there for a reason and can be put to effective use. Focus on making your home a safe and secure place and ignore minor disputes.

CAPRICORN: Once smitten by the love bug, you may not be able to rest until you have your way. You could be eager to shower someone with treats. It may be as easy to dispose of outworn customs and ideas as worn-out clothes.

AQUARIUS: Daily expenses might get you down, but your long-term plans for financial security may be right on track. Realign your thoughts by getting quiet and centered and praying on it, or by seeking sound advice.

PISCES: Deal with any duties responsibly. You show your integrity by consistently honoring your obligations. If you need more time, be honest and ask for it. Accountability and consistency speak volumes about your character.

IF MAY 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may realize as the upcoming three to four weeks pass by that it is easy to make new friends when you are interested in people’s lives and enthused about get-togethers. You can widen your social network by helping at community events or charity fundraisers. Do not step on anyone’s toes in late June when your competitiveness is high and your patience is low. Avoid taking loved ones for granted in July when you might be preoccupied with group dynamics. Late August may bring a chance to enjoy a short trip, a vacation or a romance that runs more smoothly than anticipated. October can be a tricky time to launch plans or make major decisions if you rely on wishful thinking.

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