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ARIES: Keep drilling away and do not let up. It may be tiring to continue with a project, but if you change anything now, you could end up losing money. This is not a suitable time to make impulsive changes or dive into a new project.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Get your mojo back into high gear. Your intuition about the risks associated with investments can keep you out of trouble. Remain alert and you may sidestep a potential argument or help someone else avoid one.

GEMINI: You might feel vulnerable and worry about exposing your imperfections or flaws. It could be difficult to communicate clearly with a companion who is changeable and may bounce between being logical and fanciful.

CANCER: Prove that you can be deserving of someone’s high opinion. Your sympathy toward those with problems could make you the “go to” person. Your compassionate nature and kindly demeanor may win you some new supporters.

LEO: You might be cool and collected about financial affairs. However, it is best to ignore the urge to stir things up or you might be faced with unsatisfactory results. Be polite because rudeness or brash actions could invite criticism.

VIRGO: You intuitively know the right thing to say or do to make someone trust you. Use business expertise to negotiate better terms. Nevertheless, this is not the best time to sign a contract or make a key investment.

LIBRA: Give someone the benefit of the doubt. You can be productive this weekend if you avoid misunderstandings and put your best foot forward. Outside pressures may trigger a misunderstanding or cause a rift with a partner.

SCORPIO: Remain supportive of loved ones through thick and thin. Impulsive shopping sprees where you could be tempted to be extravagant should be avoided for now. Remember to express appreciation for favors.

SAGITTARIUS: Get to the bottom of a puzzling predicament. Bewildering situations can be sorted out if you employ a few investigative techniques. You may spot something that triggers your interest in luxurious possessions.

CAPRICORN: This is not the time to take a family member’s assistance for granted. Be sure to make a polite request and keep energy balanced. Put your business ambitions on the back-burner and spend time with a romantic partner.

There could be a standoff if someone insists on instant gratification of their desires. You may grow defensive about spending your money because you are well aware of your obligations and a stringent budget.

PISCES: A friend might lead you out of self-imposed isolation if a job or responsibilities have kept you on a strict schedule with little room for carefree fun. Give yourself permission to break free for a few hours.

IF MAY 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Focus on worthwhile romantic dreams and making trustworthy friendships during the upcoming three to four weeks. You may tend to develop a chip on your shoulder in June. Stay in top physical condition and find ways to burn off excess energy if unsettled conditions and changing priorities put you under pressure. As July arrives, you could be more insightful and ready to embrace deep-seated changes in your life. August might be an ideal time for an excursion or vacation that inspires you to be shrewder about your financial arrangements. Postpone your dreams of financial success in September when you could be fooled by something too good to be true. October is a good time to make major changes or to leave outgrown habits behind.

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