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ARIES: Your personal charisma may be glowing like a neon sign so be sure to spell out what you have to offer. You should succeed if you make your desires known. Try not to go off on your own and waste possible opportunities.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Someone’s emotional reactions might fly in the face of logic. Think before you respond and try not to let things get you down. Keep your cards close to your chest and wait to address family issues and frictions for now.

GEMINI: Your fabulous imagination can build profitable plans. You should pay attention if someone points out something is missing. There can be plenty of time to make repairs before your plans are launched.

CANCER: Take your dreams one step closer to reality by outlining an image, then take your time about coloring in the details. You should have plenty of steam and get a great deal accomplished because you understand the final objectives.

LEO: You may become irritated by someone who seems defensive or difficult. If you are feeling emotional, take a step back and reevaluate. Tempers could easily become frayed, so break out some time to level yourself.

VIRGO: Flattering a family member with some praise or making a special someone smile could be at the top of your to-do list today. Taking time to understand someone’s love language really shows you care.

LIBRA: Whimsical and playful discussions can promote good feelings but try not to take passing compliments too seriously. You might be at your best when working on a project with others or organizing your social calendar.

SCORPIO: There are plenty of worthy causes to contemplate and admirable people to emulate. Performing a job or working on a project could fuel your desire to be a cooperative member of a cohesive team.

SAGITTARIUS: You could be the one that everyone wants to be around. Take stock of your long-term goals and be sure there is enough room to accommodate the scope of your plans. You might feel like splurging or being extravagant.

CAPRICORN: Drive and ambition could get you where you want to go, but never forget that you need other people to make your efforts worthwhile. Do not give up on a perfectly good plan because of a few discouraging words or small setback.

AQUARIUS: There may be more laurels to be won so do not rest on the ones you have already gathered. Function as an inspiration for friends and family or be a model of industry. Consider joining a club, a gym or social organization.

PISCES: Price and value are not the same things. Your good taste might be dipping towards extremes, so you could pay a lot or waste a lot. It might be better to create exactly what you want by using the resources already at hand.

IF MAY 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Enjoy spending time with friends and add to your network of new contacts during the upcoming four to six weeks. Your most important beliefs and ideals could be influenced and changed by emerging circumstances that keep you on the edge of your seat. You have the necessary extra energy and spunk to oversee unexpected revisions to your plans in June. August could be a suitable time for an exciting or romantic vacation but could also mark a time when the direction of your life changes dramatically. The changes you experience could help make some of your dreams a reality. You can make some intelligent decisions in August that will help boost your net worth, but you should be cautious in September when you can be tricked.

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