Zatara, up and coming local artist releases “Balaleen”

(Photos: Durrah Afyouni/ Amal Ghamlooch)
In an effort to highlight the social struggles facing Arab youth, a Palestinian Jordanian artist who goes by the name Zatara launched his debut single “Balaleen”, meaning balloons in Arabic, on May 24.اضافة اعلان

Balaleen” is an EDM (electronic dance music) summer song that contrasts the beat and composition to the lyrics to mimic an anxiety attack caused by overwhelming social interactions or social pressure.

Polar to the song’s heavy-coded message, Zatara’s goal was to encourage pleasure through music and dance.

“We all try to cope with this pressure through some simple pleasures, like music and dance, and to overcome it (stress) by enjoying life,” he said in an interview with Jordan News.

Despite this being his debut, Zatara has high hopes for his upcoming music career. He stated that he aims to transform the Arab Indie Pop music scene and described that his style includes EDM and alternative pop-rock.

Beyond the musical genre, the musician hopes to integrate personal experience and relate to larger community-based issues through his music to give his music a relatable yet honest edge for listeners to enjoy.

The debut is an Arabic hit, but he has been writing his own lyrics for the past seven years, both in Arabic and English. However, he stated that his lyrics were not a talent but instead “a passion” that he continuously practices.

Music was always personal to Zatara, “my mother and sister sang, my grandfather used to sing, and I would always just sing with them.” Lyrics followed the same path, which is why his debut came a while after he engaged with music.

“My music is very personal. It took a lot of time for me to share it,” he said, adding that it was mostly him writing songs as a diary and sometimes “sharing it with his close friends.”

“Balaleen” was created at the forefront of Zatara’s hope to follow his passion, largely influenced by his late grandfather’s support. “He showed me there is more to life than striving to be rich, like following your passion and trying to make an impact.”

The journey to bring “Balaleen” to life began in January after Zatara contacted producer Amr “No-One” Shomali.

The making of the song was “fun” yet “stressful,” but Levantinemusic —the song’s distributing label — were a “such a blessing during this whole process,” Zatara said.

Ribal Jafari, who directed and produced the music video, believed in “Balaleen,” which allowed him to excel in delivering the music video despite being on a very limited budget. 

And while determination and support are what encouraged Zatara to follow his dreams, the general “lack of support for Jordanian artists” was felt by the musician. However, the struggles were surpassed with the release of “Balaleen”, a success that Zatara credits solely to the support of his friends, family, and team. 

“The world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players” is a quote and reminder that Zatara carries with him to remember not to take life too seriously.

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