Escape the Room puts your critical thinking to the test

(Photo: Escape the Room)
AMMAN — Escape the Room is a place where mysteries and puzzles need to be solved in a race against time, a group must work together to beat a sequence of challenging puzzles, where people can use their minds and imagination to solve the secret and escape the room.اضافة اعلان

Escape the Room is a fast-paced real-life adventure game in which a group of people stuck in a room attempts to solve a problem that grows increasingly difficult as time passes. Participants can choose from several themed rooms to try and break out of, including action, adventure, horror, and science.

Escape the Room first started in Japan, but since 2010, the activity has spread to places such as “the US, Europe, Eastern Asia, and the Middle East and other countries.” Rami Al-Zaghari, CEO of Escape the Room Jordan, said in an interview with Jordan News. 

The CEO added: “Inside each room, the team must work together to solve a series of puzzles and problems, locate clues and hidden spots, and unravel the mystery to complete the specified mission and leave the room before the time runs out.”

(Photo: Escape the Room)

“Escape the Room Jordan is the first live escape game in Jordan and the biggest in the Middle East,” Zaghari explained. 

Moreover, Zaghari mentioned that Escape the Room has been used by companies and groups looking for team-building exercises and to break the ice among employees.

Farah Qatabi, a visitor at Escape the Room, told Jordan News that what distinguishes Escape the Room is that each room has its own style. “Each escape room has its own theme and puzzle,” she said. “The rooms are very well designed.”

Qatabi added that the game improves teamwork by uniting the players with one goal, which is to solve the room’s puzzle.

Additionally, Qatabi said that Escape the Room can help develop critical thinking through solving puzzles, adding that each player must have skills such as speed and intuition because there is a specific time limit for each room.

“This experience is used as well for employee assessment and evaluation, where the room theme and design stimulate real-life problems and situations,” Zaghari said. 
Elyana Shinnar, another visitor at Escape the Room, told Jordan News that the game forced her think outside the box. Moreover, it builds problem-solving skills. 

“This experience created an inner sense of adventure,” she said. “It was a challenging and engaging game, and I would like to visit it again.” 

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