Actress hopes to pave way for Jordanian women in comedy

Jordanian actress, comedian, and radio personality Rawsan Hallak is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Rawson Hallak’s Instagram)
AMMAN — Rawsan Hallak has loved the theater for as long as she can remember, whether it be performing live in front of an audience, acting in school plays, or participating in acting contests. اضافة اعلان

“I have always loved the theater, ever since I was a girl in school, I played different roles, but I mostly loved comedy” the Hallak said.

The Jordanian stand-up comedian, actress, and radio presenter first appeared on social media back in 2013 with Kharabeesh, which is a Jordanian company that produces animated cartoons, music videos, and talk shows.

“I worked specifically with ‘N2O Comedy’ a YouTube channel. I mostly talked about real-life situations I have been in” Hallak told Jordan News in a recent interview.

She also mentioned how she finds inspiration in those around her or her “support system,” as she called them, often telling their stories through her work. “They inspire a lot of the topics I choose to talk about in my videos” said Hallak.

Hallak explained that there is always a message behind the topics she talks about, and that she is mainly “trying to change certain behaviors”.

Jordanian actress, comedian, and radio personality Rawsan Hallak is pictured in this undated photo. (Photo: Rawson Hallak’s Instagram)

The actress also talked about being a woman that wears hijab in the acting field. “It was not easy at all in the beginning. … but people soon accepted me, they liked both my personality and appearance and I am thankful for that” said Hallak.

She continued to explain that wearing a hijab on social media does not present much of a difficulty, unlike when it comes to finding acting roles on television, which are hard to find for those that wear hijab, according to the actress.

“Social media in general does not limit a person; you can work on social media and wear whatever you want” she said.

“I cannot play just any part because I wear a hijab and the roles available are limited,” Hallak elaborated.

Those roles were even scarcer during the coronavirus pandemic. “I was really affected, my passion is the theater; I love performing in general, whether it was a stand-up comedy show, or in a play, and I miss communicating with a live audiences. All events were virtual due to the pandemic,” she said.

“Even though the pandemic provided good material when it came to social media content, I just did not see myself in it. I simply couldn’t keep up with the people who used the pandemic for content, because like I said, I love the theater and it is my passion, social media is not the best place for comedy shows and I prefer the stage” the actress explained.

Hallak said that she one day aspires to perform stand-up comedy in all parts of the Arab world. “I hope to perform in Palestine especially, I want to go there then maybe perform in all parts of the Arab world, there aren’t that many women in this field here and I really hope that one day I can make a strong impression and influence on women,” she said.

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