Amman International Film Festival kicks off with ‘A Gaza Weekend’

(Photo: Amman International Film Festival)
AMMAN — Standing in for His Majesty King Abdullah II, HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Chairman of the Royal Film Commission (RFC), attended the grand opening of the fourth edition of the Amman International Film Festival.اضافة اعلان

The opening took place on Tuesday evening at the Hussein Cultural Center in Amman, with the presence of festival guests, filmmakers, Jordanian and Arab artists, international attendees, writers, critics, journalists, and stakeholders. The event merged cultural diversity with cinematic artistry, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

HRH Princess Rym Ali, the Founder and President of the festival, began the event with musical renditions by the "Octave" band, directed by artist Ahmad Silawi. The performance blended traditional Arab instruments like the "qerba," "mijwiz," and "yarghoul" with their Western counterparts. The songs echoed a melodic mosaic influenced by the folkloric vocal traditions of Jordan, the Levant, Egypt, and the Arab Maghreb.

Princess Rym Ali delved into the history of Arab cinema, tracing its evolution from the silent era in the 1920s. She emphasized that just as the diverse Arab world, the beginnings of Arab cinema reflect the multitude of perspectives, concerns, joys, and experiences of the region's people.

AI to amplify narratives
Addressing the current global landscape of culture and art, Princess Rym highlighted the challenges posed by the proliferation of artificial intelligence and the ethical questions it raises. She emphasized the importance of using AI as a tool to amplify narratives while preserving and supporting storytellers.

Empowering young filmmakers in the region
Recognizing the efforts of King Abdullah, Princess Rym praised his role in nurturing an environment conducive to the growth of Jordanian and Arab cinema. She also acknowledged Prince Ali's foresight in establishing the RFC, empowering young filmmakers in the region to express their Arab identity through creative pursuits.

A Gaza Weekend
With gratitude, the Princess extended her thanks to filmmakers for their contributions and voices, the jury members, guests, and the RFC for their unwavering cooperation. She also expressed appreciation to various sponsors, including official, governmental, and private supporters.

The festivity reached its zenith as the cast and crew of the festival's opening film, "A Gaza Weekend," took center stage. Directed by Basil Khalil, the satirical comedy navigates the humor embraced by Gaza's populace within their challenging circumstances. Khalil conveyed his enthusiasm for participating in the festival's fourth edition, highlighting that the film embodies the spirit of Gazan residents amid their trials.

The Amman International Film Festival is poised to continue celebrating emerging talents and the vibrant storytelling culture within Arab cinema, fostering meaningful conversations and narratives transcending cultural boundaries.

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