Using threads and pins to create artwork

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)
AMMAN — Architect Muntaha Maghariz started working from home due to the corona pandemic, which gave her more time to discover her creative potential. She started looking for new and unique ideas to start up her business, which would be in harmony with her love for architecture.اضافة اعلان

For about three months, she searched for ways of producing artwork using threads and pins. That dedication made her family encourage her to start her online store. In 2020, she launched her business under the name of “Strings Secret”.

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

“Architecture helped me start my online store, as I used some of the techniques I had learned throughout my study and working in the field,” Maghariz, said in an interview with Jordan News.

There are several people who do what Maghariz does, but she believes that what differentiates her from others is the size of her pieces, which are bigger than those the majority creates, and the details.

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

“Clients recognize my work through my vibes and the feelings I place in each piece, which no one can copy,” Maghariz said.

She gets her inspiration from her surroundings, but also creates customized pieces. She uses visualization to have a general look at the final result of her pieces. When creating new pieces, she works toward expanding her network and having a fan base to attract more clients.

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

Creating artwork using the materials she uses poses unique challenges. For instance, her technique differs from those of artists like painters. The position of each pin is important, as is the accurate measurement of the space between pins, which ensures that the final shape is the one she wants to create. 

Many of the artwork she creates require a significant amount of time, as much as 10 to 15 days.

For a 60x42cm wood board, which she usually uses “to draw attention to the piece and add beauty to the space where it is displayed”, she needs about 2,000 to 3,000 pins.

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

Through her artwork, she tries to capture her clients’ feelings and the moments they want to remember.

One of her favorite pieces is “The lion and lioness”. It took a lot of time and effort to create and was made for a newly married couple that wanted to express the power of their love through art. She used shades of blue for that purpose.

The support she received from her family, the positive feedback and the trust the clients place in her motivated Maghariz to continue doing what she is doing, and to participate in some exhibitions.

The first place she displayed her work in was the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts park. Around 70 artists participated in that exhibition with different kinds of artworks.

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

“You feel proud about the amount of talent we have in Jordan, and the encouragement you receive from visitors and other artists is amazing,” said Maghariz. Currently she has her works in the Arts Gallery of the Movenpick Hotel.

Maghariz believes that artists need to constantly hone their skills to keep up with the trends in the art world.

“There is difference between my old and new pieces, as I became better able to avoid mistakes,” she said. 

(Photos: Handout from Muntaha Maghariz)

Maghariz believes that everyone has unique capabilities that they can develop in their free time. “Even if some people believe that they do not have a talent, they can explore their abilities and know what they like most, to do something unique,” she added.

Her plans for the future: to establish an art gallery that specializes in creating and displaying artwork created with materials similar to hers.

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