Prince Charles honors artist Janaritta Armooti

Janaritta Armooti
The Jordanian artist Janaritta Armooti next to HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. (Photos: Handout from Janaritta Armooti)
AMMAN — Jordanian visual artist Janaritta Armooti won in the “Climate change — Jordan and the next one hundred years” competition, receiving an award from HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.اضافة اعلان

The UK-Jordan Centenary Climate Competition for Young Learners and Young Adults was launched by the British Council and the British Embassy under the above theme with the aim of honoring Jordanian-UK 100-year friendship by encouraging young Jordanians to utilize their creativity to raise awareness and support action on climate change.

‘Green’ painting by the artist Janaritta Armooti.(Photos: Handout from Janaritta Armooti)

“My painting, titled Green, was a landscape representing trees, which I painted in oil,” Armooti told Jordan News.

Through her painting, she wanted to highlight the issue of climate change and how trees or forests can reduce global warming, which is one of the causes of climate change.

Through it, she conveyed her belief that greenery and forests may help mitigate carbon emissions, and that climate change may be one of the biggest challenges humanity faces.

“By planting hundreds of trees to remove extra carbon from our atmosphere, we can reduce the severity of global climate change,” Armooti said. 
The competition was held for three age categories: 6-12 years old, 13-17 years old and 18-30 years old; each group had a winner.

The Jordanian artist Janaritta Armooti next to HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. (Photos: Handout from Janaritta Armooti)

“It was a great experience,” Armooti said, adding that the award was given to her in Amman, at the residence of UK Ambassador to Jordan Bridget Brind.
More than 200 competitors participated, and Armooti won second place in the young-adult category. 

Showing talent for drawing since she was a child, she has worked to develop and create her own style, hoping to contribute to the Jordanian art scene.

Armooti participated in several local and international exhibitions; among the latter, the Maldives Exhibition organized by the Indian Art Organization, and China. Her first solo exhibition, titled “From Black to White” has around 30 artworks of various sizes, colors and media.

The artist, who had previously qualified for the final in a competition from the European Union, represents the Indian organization SMD Art Foundation in Jordan.

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