Q0DE Art Space hosts ‘Perceptible Twists’ exhibition

A photo collection of pieces from the “Perceptible Twists” exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Handouts from Q0DE Art Space)
AMMAN — The Q0DE Art Space is showcasing the work of Jordanian artists SalahEddin Al-Qawasmi and AbdelRahman Hamdan at the “Perceptible Twists” exhibition until September 21.اضافة اعلان

AbdelRahman Hamdan and SalahEddin Al-Qawasmi’s artworks feature dynamic and pure forms that stretch, expand, and slither.

Despite their vastly distinct forms, both artists' work is characterized by a spirit of critical theory. Viewers of their art are treated to spiritual experiences as a result of their varied approaches to unique shapes, movement, and the absent figures.

A photo collection of pieces from the “Perceptible Twists” exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Handouts from Q0DE Art Space)

AbdelRahman Hamdan works with motion patterns as a medium, capturing movement in concrete shapes, using a variety of artistic materials. While Hamdan's work is motivated by a concern for the figure, any identifying traits are abstracted to pure shape and color.

“I’ve been drawing since childhood, I’ve studied sculpture, and participated in two previous exhibitions,” Hamdan said in an interview with Jordan News.

Hamdan uses figures to represent random ideas, he chooses colors that express certain feelings that fit an artwork’s theme. Abstract pieces from his showcased collection were made from fiberglass, wood, and metal. 

He said that his artworks are based on his own thoughts and feelings. “I get inspired from daily life,” Hamdan said, “I have a bunch of thoughts, and they all come at the right time.”

According to the artist, he does not describe his art works; instead, he leaves it up to the viewer to figure out what the work is about. “The majority of the works are abstract, and I prefer to give the audience space to imagine,” he said. 

“This is a great experience, my work is in harmony with Salah's work, and this is the reason for the success of the Perceptible Twists exhibition,” Hamdan said.

A photo collection of pieces from the “Perceptible Twists” exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Handouts from Q0DE Art Space)

Qawasmi uses oil on canvas to depict surreal and almost mythic places, pulling at the strings of the unconscious. Biomorphic forms, natural components, and occasionally portions of walls come together in bright and open-ended tales on his canvases, which the viewer must decipher.

“I use the automatic drawing technique, in which I draw shapes on paper at random and develop them. Each shape has its own personality,” Qawasmi said. “I start with a first draft as a sketch for the idea, then I start painting on canvas.”

He said the viewer will feel the mood of the work and will start creating a scenario inside his head in order to arrive at the idea behind the artwork.
 “The colors and shapes used in the paintings all interact with human emotions and feelings,” the artist said.

He went on to add that his work tries to create an unreal world out of genuine elements. “My artworks represent open-ended stories that give the viewer the freedom to create their own story, which stimulates the audience's imagination,” Qawasmi said.

The Jabal Amman-based QODE Art Space works with some of the region's newest and most renowned artists to support local artists and cultural enrichment.

A photo collection of pieces from the “Perceptible Twists” exhibition at Q0DE Art Space. (Photos: Handouts from Q0DE Art Space)

Maral Tajirian, the managing director at Q0DE Art Space told Jordan News that QODE works with emerging artists. “I have been watching the works of the artists AbdelRahman and SalahEddin for a long time, I liked to sponsor them and market their work,” Tajirian said.

She said that at QODE Art Space, they like to work with fresh local artists, and give them the space to showcase their artworks.

“The audience reacted positively, and the artists' artworks complement each other,” Tajirian concluded.

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