Dar Art Fair brings together 160 artists under one roof

(Photos: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Dozens of visitors turned up to the opening of Dar Art Fair at Swefieh village on Monday. The exhibition, which will run through July 5, is showcasing artworks by more than 160 Jordanian and regional artists. اضافة اعلان

Artists speaking to Jordan News emphasized that the exhibition is an important opportunity for artists to showcase their work during this difficult economic period in Jordan.

Dina Halaseh, an art collector, told Jordan News that "I gather drawings from artists from Gaza, and help them in letting people know about these great talents and how professional they are. Those artists express themselves through different forms of arts."

"I advise people to come and see the exhibition, as I believe that art helps in changing our perception — it changes the way we look at life," Halaseh added.

"Artists in general convey their own lives, in all their challenges and difficulties, through art," the collector said. "Art never lies. It conveys and reflects life events as they are; if you look at a drawing that symbolizes the COVID-19 pandemic after 10 years, for example, you will be able to remember all the events you went through in the pandemic."

Rania Omeish, Dar Art fair co-founder told Jordan News: "We started this fair because we felt that the art scene in Jordan is not given major attention, and we wanted to encourage people to come and enjoy art, and even bring their kids to enjoy such an incredible atmosphere because art is life and deserves more attention."

Omeish added: "people do not have to buy art pieces, but they should learn how to enjoy art and get used to visiting art fairs."

"Through this fair, we wanted to give all artists the opportunity to show their pieces, which is why we have more than 160 artists who are established, young, and emerging.  This fair is for each and every one who loves art just like us."

"Thirteen galleries have participated in this fair, this gives people the chance to have a look at different form of art, we did not want to limit the number of art pieces nor artists," said Omeish, who confirmed that "not only visitors enjoy the fair but also the artists themselves who had the chance to learn from each other and got the chance to even know each other more."

"Our dreams do not stop here. We want to organize this fair every year, and we even want to have more international artists," she said and added that "I believe that this shall also contribute in increasing tourism in Jordan."

"We in this exhibition allocated a special section for our families in Palestine,” said Amer Al Abedi, an architect whose work was featured. “Art is a form of expression and resistance."

"We want to tell all the world that despite what had happened or will happen we will always fight for our rights,” he told Jordan News. “This is the message we want to deliver through arts."

"We will also send donations to our families in Palestine, the exhibition is a great opportunity for art lovers to come and see different forms of art and donate too."

Dalia Al-Ali, an artist, told Jordan News that "what I really like about this exhibition is that it gathers more than 160 artists all in one place, and that you can see different forms of art too: sculptures, canvases, and more."

"This is the first time we see an exhibition as huge as this once. I can say that such an exhibition promotes talents in a great way,” Ali said.

"Besides the fact that our exhibition is the largest, bringing together 160 artists all in one place and giving opportunities to all to come and participate, it is also safe and follows high safety measures,” said Dina Dabbas, one of the event’s organizers, in an interview with Jordan News.

"We have a huge space in the exhibition where we commit to social distancing to make sure everyone is safe,” Dabbas added. “Besides that, the exhibition ends after three weeks and this means that people can come anytime they want, either in the morning or at night, to feel relaxed and safe."

Hadeel Al Kottob, a sculptor participating in the fair, said that "though sculptures I can express what can’t be expressed through words.”

"I am participating in this exhibition with a sculpture about shy people. I believe that if a shy person sees my sculpture they will know that we feel with them, and this would give them great moral support."

Rana Nasser, a member of Jacaranda Images, a gallery focused on artworks on paper, told Jordan News that "We believe that art can be done in different forms and you should not be confining yourself in just one form. We love doing art on paper for example, this requires less costs and also gives the chance for new generations to start discovering their talents easily."

"I advise and encourage new generations to start discovering and developing their talents now,” Nasser said. “Especially because we are facing hard circumstances, and time has changed — now we have much free time to start discovering ourselves."

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