Art exhibitions and their social impact

(Camp, Notes on Fashion) taken by Todd Heisler
Art is not simply wall decoration or a way to profit in a capitalist society. (Photo: Todd Heisler)
Art exhibitions are doorways to the past, present, and future. Exhibitions have had their long evolutionary journey and progression throughout history. As defined by Paula Marincola in her book What Makes a Great Exhibition?, exhibitions are “strategically located at the nexus where artists, their work, the arts institution, and many different publics intersect”. They play a critical role in society, retelling history creatively and emotively. اضافة اعلان

With brush strokes and a palette of colors, artists are able to create a masterpiece in which their soul can be seen and their voices can be heard. Their works are a glimpse into their emotions, and representations of psychological behaviors.

Art exhibitions are not just walls hung with pieces, each worth an absurd amount of money. The idea that art must have monetary value, must be sold and be profited off of, for the reason of fame, causes dissatisfaction in many artists and affects their ability to work. Art is not simply wall decoration or a way to profit in a capitalist society.

Art in the Arab world, for example, has depth, and is rich with cultural artifacts that reflect history. Whether celebrating the language with calligraphy, vast deserts with landscapes, or people and costumes portraits, the breathtaking nature of Arabic art makes learning history and today’s culture alike an enriching experience.  

Art exhibitions are mirrors of the society that produced them: its interests, dislikes, culture, opinions, and religion. Even pieces produced today provide a learning experience for observers. The complex nature of the world is contextualized through art, making it accessible to those who may struggle to understand it otherwise.

(Photo: David Heald)

Art is no longer restricted to the inaccessible painting exhibitions targeted to the rich. It is not just paintings and sketches, but a range of other manifestations and usages of media. Videography, for example, has successfully entered the world of art, taking a seat alongside crafts, embroidery, games, and music.

In June, DAR Art Fair showed the audience the many ways art has taken shape. Attendees moving through the exhibition were met with a variety of modern and classical art, with paintings and sculptures in one section and digital work in another. It captured the essence of the ever-changing world we live in, highlighting artists who experimented with different mediums to create touching pieces.

The digital piece “”, by Masah Azar and Kiriaki, inspired by Liz Jensen’s novella ‘Our Silver City, 2094’, was featured at DAR Art Fair. It is a great example of modern art entering the world of exhibitions, with an impact just as great as the surrounding paintings and sculptures.

The two artists collaborated, Azar said, “to picture a future in which the internet has collapsed”. Their work took “a dive into hyperspace to chronicle humanity’s growing (and deteriorating) relationship with the digital realm”.

(Photo: Layan Taifour)

Art exhibitions can also serve a greater purpose, transforming into fundraisers for charities with political and cultural causes. The Port Annual Art Exhibition in 2021 was a fundraiser for special-education schools in Malaysia. In 2018, Painting Exhibition Charity for Palu was a fundraiser for doctorSHARE, a non-profit organization focused on offering medical healthcare services and humanitarian aid.

The continuously changing nature of art exhibitions means that not once have they been repetitive. Instead, they frequently adapt to society as it moves forward.

New discoveries lead to new artistic expressions, and exhibitions serve to contextualise the speed at which life and technology are intersecting. By keeping an open mind when exploring the current landscape of the art world, you may find that your new favorite piece is indeed a digital work of art, after all.

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