Second ‘Be Positive’ campaign launched

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the Zarqa Chamber of Industry launched the second phase of the “Be Positive 2 in Zarqa” campaign in the presence of deputies, associations, and youth initiatives from the province. اضافة اعلان

A representative of the Minister of Culture, representative Hayel Ayash said that “Zarqa is full of voluntary initiatives and events, and it is our duty to support and unite these efforts to achieve the mission of development.”
The campaign was sponsored by the director-General of the National Library, Nidal Al-Ayasrah

The campaign, which began its first phase last July, strengthened the patriotic spirit and supported participatory efforts among youth actors to address melancholy and spread positivity.

The campaign director, Lawrence Al-Majali, stressed the importance of sustained efforts on the ground through the media to advance national awareness of positivity. He also shared his hope that some media platforms would not be allowed to share negative messages that would reduce the program’s efficiency.

For his turn, the President of the Zarqa Chamber of Industry, Fares Hamadah, emphasized the importance of achieving the Royal vision in driving young people to progress and succeed, especially because they make up the vast majority of citizens. 

Hamadah also noted that the chamber supports efforts to develop an approach that ensures that the youth are protected against pessimism and offer volunteer and social initiatives. 

The ceremony included substantial speeches and technical events that highlighted national achievements. A coronation by the patron of the ceremony also took place to honor positive young members.

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