Korea's National Foundation Day: The Day When the Sky Opens

Korea's National Foundation Day 002
(Photos: Amina Al-Khalayleh, Jordan News)
Every year on October 3, Koreans celebrate their National Foundation Day, fondly known as "Gaecheonjeol," which translates literally into "the day when the sky opens." This significant celebration is deeply rooted in the country's rich history and cultural heritage, tracing its roots all the way back to the foundation of the ancient Korean Kingdom, "Gojoseon." This year marks its 4,355th anniversary. For Koreans, this day symbolizes the birth of a great civilization and serves as a perfect example of an inspiring and vibrant culture.اضافة اعلان

To this day, Koreans commemorate the founding of their nation. However, Korea's National Foundation Day isn't merely a historical milestone; it is a thread connecting the past, present, and the future of Korea. The celebration reflects the nation's deep-rooted determination and enduring spirit, honorably valuing the idea of peace.

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The South Korean Ambassador to Jordan, Kim Dong-Gi, told Jordan News, "Our nation was established on the ideal of benefiting all the people, and Koreans are widely known as peace-loving people."

The day when the sky opens
The phrase "The Day When the Sky Opens" holds profound meaning in Korean culture. It goes back to the myth that signifies not only the birth of a nation but also the limitless potentials and opportunities that come with new beginnings. On this day, Koreans reflect on their heritage and the values that have defined their society for centuries.

The envoy told Jordan News that “with the morals and ideals of our national foundation day we are trying to practice the spirits of our ancestors.”

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This is a day of pride and unity, reminding Koreans of the strength they can attain from their shared history. And how their nation stood tall against all the geopolitical challenges.

South Korea annually celebrates its National Foundation Day with an eye always inspired towards the promising future. By embracing its traditional values and adopting the opportunities of the modern world, Korea emerged as a global leader in modern technology, The day when the sky opens is not just a historical event but a continuous journey, symbolizing the nation's ongoing progress, resilience, and determination.

The growing bond between South Korea and Jordan
The relationship between South Korea and Jordan, has always been an example of deep understanding and commitment, the strong ties between both countries goes back to the shared dedication and values towards peace and stability.

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Despite the ongoing challenges that the two countries face, they both stood united in their continuous journey of progress and prosperity.

The envoy added that “Unfortunately both countries lack natural resources, but with the efforts and determination of both countries we were able to develop, and I think Jordanians has the capability to flourish the country in the very near future”

Jordan is South Korea’s oldest friend in the middle east, with bilateral relations of over 60 years. Noting that one of the main cornerstones of their relationship is their thriving economic collaboration. Korea has extended a helping hand to Jordan in various sectors, including information technology, infrastructure, and renewable energy. Through collaborative investments, South Korean companies have played a significant role in Jordan’s economic development.

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Recently, Korean culture entertaining content, such as K-Pop and Kdramas, has found a dedicated audience in Jordan, fostering a sense of unity among the youth of both countries.

In 2023, Kpop events have doubled in number, and the fanbase is constantly increasing, as people from various age groups and backgrounds are introduced to such to the Kpop genre.

The Korean envoy said that “Koreans and Jordanian youth both love cultural creations and with these similarities I believe we can develop our bilateral relations further, and I believe more Korean people are interested and will visit Jordan in the near future.”

Despite the different between both countries the envoy added that “Jordanians and Koreans alike cherish the old traditions and culture they inherited.”

Celebrating Korea’s National Foundation Day: A grand reception
On October 2nd, the South Korean Ambassador hosted a reception at his residence, celebrating Korea’s National Foundation Day, as politicians, government officials, businessmen from different backgrounds, members of the diplomatic corps based in the Kingdom converged at the ceremony.

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Honoring this glorious day, the reception was showcasing traditional yet simple decorations, and guests were welcomed by the sounds of soft Korean music, setting the tone for an evening of this national celebration. Later, the ambassador delivered a speech, welcoming the guests that are gathered to that celebrate this historical day, the envoy sang a song while his wife played the piano in a touching performance.

Later, the air was filled with the smell of Korean delicious food inviting everyone to savor the bursting flavors of Korea.

The reception was a day of celebration, reflection, and unity, reminding the world of Korea's enduring legacy and the limitless potential that lies within its people.

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