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August 12 2022 2:42 PM ˚
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Zarqa, Mafraq industrial exports up by 14% last year — ZCI head

Zarqa Chamber Of Industry. (Photo:Jordan News)
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AMMAN — Head of the Zarqa Chamber of Industry (ZCI), Faris Hammouda, said the ZCI's export report revealed an increase in the value of its industrial exports during 2021 by 14 percent.اضافة اعلان

In a press statement Sunday carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, he said the industrial exports of the governorates of Zarqa and Mafraq amounted to $1.080 billion for various industrial sectors.

The value of exports increased by 5 percent during last December 2021 to reach $104.5 million, compared to $100.9 million in the same month of 2020, he noted.

The recovery of the US market's demand contributed to the increase in export values, as the North American markets accounted for 53.8 percent of the total exports last year, with a value of $581.4 million, up by 13 percent compared to 2020, which amounted to $581.4 million, with a value of its exports at 513.6 million, he noted.

The US was the ZCI top importer, in terms of total exports to North American countries, with a value of $554.4 million, an increase of 14 percent, while exports to Canada amounted to $24.4 million, up by 0.4 percent, he added.

Hammouda pointed out that the Arab countries' markets accounted for 31.3 percent of the total exports last year, with a value of $338.8 million, up 17 percent from their value in 2020.

The leather and textile industries sector maintained the first place during 2021 with exports standing at $647.96 million, followed by the catering, foodstuff, agricultural and livestock industries with $151.47 million, the statement added.

The engineering, electrical, and information technology industries followed with a value of $78.47 million, then the chemical and cosmetics industries sector came in fourth place, with exports worth $46.69 million last year, the statement noted.

The value of exports of the plastic and rubber industries increased last year by 20 percent to reach $46.02 million, it noted.

The remaining exports were distributed to the construction industries sector with a value of $40.79 million, then the therapeutic industries and medical supplies with $39.01 million, followed by the packaging and office supplies sector with exports worth $28.12 million. Then, the furniture industries followed with exports worth $1.69 million, the statement read.

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