Whoever she is, there’s a KIA for mom

Mother's day article
(Photo: KIA)
What do families need from a car? Well, like any car owners, they expect reliability, the highest levels of safety, and good value. But to fit in with a family’s versatile needs, those clever and considerable little touches and extras that make riding in a car so much nicer could turn the daily drudge of driving the family around town into something so much more enjoyable.اضافة اعلان

Not only do KIA’s cars come with a 5-year warranty, a high safety rating, and exceptional value, they are also increasingly known for including those nice-to-have extras as a standard. Excellent infotainment systems to keep everyone in the car happy, USB charging ports accessible to all passengers, and of course comfortable interiors that make the journey so much more relaxing.

Since she’ll be the one driving the family car the most, let’s consider the options from the perspective of moms at different stages of the family life cycle.

Young mom with a baby

As a new mom getting to grips with how to cope, the ability to get out and about and meet family and friends to share the joy of a baby, means that a car is something for getting around easily. For everyday practicality, KIA Sonet is hard to beat. Perfect for the smaller family unit and the mom on the go, who won’t need to bring everything along, and prefers something nimble and economical. For the drive to baby music and swimming class, to the family doctor for a checkup, or on the supermarket and nursery run, ISOFIX fittings (the safest and most convenient way to attach a baby seat) mean not waking the baby when they arrive.

Mom on the go

For the active family, always on the go, KIA Seltos is the dream car. With a spacious interior and more than enough room for all the things kids need (backpacks, instruments, sports equipment, and more), while still being small enough to zip through traffic. The higher position of the driver in an SUV gives good visibility, and side steps help little ones climb in while ISOFIX fittings make it straightforward to install any combination of child seats to make their ride safer and more comfortable. The state-of-the art entertainment system and connectivity allows mom to take and make calls safely and keep the backseat karaoke going (with extra USB ports for charging gadgets in the back). KIA Seltos is fantastic for the school run, but weekend family adventures is where the car’s roominess and comfort really pays off — plus.

Growing family

As the family grows KIA Sorento is ideal. The seven-seater mid-size SUV is flexible and practical for larger families, with enough seats for everyone and their friends. With a growing family, the weekly shop grows too and the back two rows in the Sorento fold completely flat to accommodate any size shopping trip. The powered tailgate opens automatically when the key is within range, and the opening height can even adjust — no longer will shorter moms struggle to reach once all that shopping has been stowed away. The panoramic sunroof allows a fresh breeze in, but not traffic fumes, while built-in window blinds make it easy to block out the sun for naps in the passenger rows. Advanced Driver Assistance Features have been thoughtfully included to make the ride less stressful, because every mom knows that a car full of kids is distracting enough and all help is welcome.

Mom with teenagers on the move

Once the children are older and need more room, it’s time for an upgrade, and the KIA Telluride offers everything mom has come to expect from a KIA but with added luxury. The company’s largest SUV has eight comfortable seats and a third row with plenty of legroom even for tall teens. Passengers have reclining seats, diffused air roof vents, cup holders and USB charge ports conveniently located. While the driver gets the luxuries expected from a premium car, including wireless phone charging and a top-end entertainment and guidance system. The exceptional safety and assistance features (including front and rear collision-avoidance and parking guidance) also help ease the worry as the teenagers begin learning how to drive, and reassurance when they begin taking their friends out on their own. (And when they start looking for their first car, KIA has several options well worth considering.)

In the end, buying a car is a big decision and the choice is personal. But KIA’s impressive range of cars includes options to make the daily life of any mom, at any stage in her family’s development, that much more convenient and relaxing, even fun.

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