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PRESS RELEASE — Your favorite app just got a makeover, and we’re excited to share all the details with you! But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how much Careem’s brand has evolved over the past decade: اضافة اعلان

Back in 2012, Careem was launched as a budding ride-hailing startup. Not many people knew who we were or the services we offered. Our main priority when creating our initial brand identity was to, first and foremost, inform. We kept our logo simple and straightforward – with one look at our initial design, people recognized the overlap between the service we offered and our brand name.

In the few months after launching, we amended our first logo to incorporate an important visual element: an icon derived from the letter ‘C’ that can be used independently of the brand name, but was still a unique brand identifier.

Careem quickly flourished into Jordan’s leading ride-hailing app. Our customer base was multiplying, our geographic presence was expanding, and our brand was finally ready to grow in tandem. By 2016, we were past the ‘informing’ stage of Careem’s brand journey in the region – ‘Careem’ was now common jargon for booking a ride or a taxi. Our brand name was easily recognizable, but our visual identity wasn’t there just yet.

Careem was due for a new look that had the potential for stronger brand affinity among our customers. And with that, our iconic wink and Careem green were brought to life:

Fast forward a few years, and Careem was already one of the region’s most trusted and beloved brands. We became the Middle East’s first homegrown unicorn, were acquired by Uber in a historic tech deal, and most importantly, we were simplifying the lives of millions of customers and Captains from Morocco to Pakistan. Careem was no longer just a Dubai success story, but a regional one.

We also began the shift from being a single-service provider to a multi-service provider – with an ambition to build the region’s first “everything app”. And so, we adjusted our logo slightly to reflect Careem becoming bigger, better, and bolder.

Now, 11 years later, Careem has successfully matured from a ride-hailing app to the region’s first “everything app”. Our brand architecture is no longer linear or one-dimensional. It is an overarching brand house, with services like, food and shops delivery, on-demand delivery “Box”, and Careem Pay.

To empower each service and to reflect the more mature and elevated brand that Careem has grown into – we’re excited to launch Careem’s new brand identity! Our goal when we first began working on Careem’s brand refresh 12 months ago was to give life to the new “everything app”, while staying true to the essence of the brand. This brand refresh will unite product and brand under one experience, and reflect our goal of being an organization that inspires the region, our communities, and each other.

Careem launched in Jordan in 2015, commencing operations in Amman before expanding to Irbid and Zarqa. Careem Jordan offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of its customers including ride-hailing, food delivery, shop delivery, and customer and corporate on-demand delivery service (BOX). Careem Plus is a monthly subscription service that offers exclusive discounts and benefits on select Careem services.

To be part of our growing Careem community, download the Careem app on the App Store or Google Play or update the app to the latest version to access our new services.

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