OPPO’s safe, efficient VOOC Flash Charging technology

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AMMAN — Over the past years, OPPO has topped the list of technology and smartphone companies and occupied a leading position in China and across global markets as a result of its efforts, investments, and continuous research and determination to provide the latest and best products to its customers. اضافة اعلان
As a leading company in the industry, OPPO continues to offer innovative solutions and products that amaze its customers. Its latest technology, the VOOC Flash Charge revolutionized the phone charging market and completely changed the way we use smartphones, making OPPO the first company to offer a low voltage, fast-charging solution. 

Efficiency and safety

As OPPO works to build a smarter world, the VOOC Flash Charge technology introduced by this leading brand has been incredibly popular among OPPO customers with more than 195 million flash charge users worldwide as of June 2021. OPPO has applied for over 3,000 flash charge-related patents worldwide and has licensed the flash charge technology to more than 40 companies, making it one of the fastest and safest charging technologies available.

It is evident that safety, efficiency, and ease-of-use have been three of the core areas that contribute to OPPO’s R&D into battery and charging technology for the comfort of its customers across the world.

The defining characteristic of the VOOC Flash Charge technology is that it improves the speed and efficiency of fast charging by increasing the current output, rather than the voltage. It also avoids the overheating issue that high-voltage fast charging solutions encounter, and a safety scheme is in place from the adapter all the way through to the battery. Dedicated charging control units in both the device and the adapter monitor the status of components in real time, checking battery temperature, voltage, current, path impedance, and numerous other parameters. The system can then respond quickly if any parameter strays outside the norm, to avoid abnormal charging.

Compared with the conventional high current protection, VOOC uses 5 levels of protective layering from the adaptor to the port and interior of the phone. VOOC has replaced the voltage reducing circuit with an MCU, effectively preventing your mobile phone from overheating while charging, like most phones today.

As OPPO’s proprietary technology, VOOC Flash Charge technology was the first rapid charging technology to receive a five-star rating from China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) one of the largest technical certification labs in China, proving its effectiveness, safety, and reliability. Globally, there are more than 195 million users of VOOC flash charge with no safety liability issues reported.

Optimized speed and battery life

The smart charging technology is able to deliver noticeable improvements to multiple aspects of the battery’s performance, including:

Longer battery life: while ensuring the speed of 65W SuperVOOC and full charge/discharge of the battery, the technology is able to maintain battery capacity to 80 percent of its original capacity after as many as 800 charge cycles.

Improved charging efficiency: Through a two-way communication between the phone and adapter, the adapter can deliver smarter charging, by automatically reducing or increasing charging power as needed. In SuperVOOC 2.0, it has added a high precision adjustment function to control current and voltage even more accurately and efficiently, while reducing system losses. It adjusts voltage on a scale between 3V and 10V, and current between 0A and 6.5A, achieving a minimum of 100mA.

Balancing charging speed and phone temperature: with the Direct Charging Structure, there is no depressurization inside the phone. This reduces the amount of heat produced by voltage conversion and improves charging efficiency. As a result, users are able to operate their phone while Flash Charging without any discomfort.

Charging in extreme conditions

OPPO has also explored ways to improve fast charging technology in extreme cases. For example, it may be difficult to charge a lithium-ion battery in very cold environments, as forcing the battery to charge can cause a short circuit. OPPO's Ultra Low Temperature Charging solution uses intelligent algorithms to select the optimal battery charging temperature and raises the temperature before charging begins. Test results show that the battery can raise the temperature from -10°C to 20°C in a few seconds, allowing the battery to charge normally.

The company took its time to master its fast-charging technology and has not yet announced details of its first 125W charging smartphone. Previous reports have shown 2021 as the perfect time to launch this new product

The future of OPPO VOOC Flash Charge

The arrival of 5G is accelerating the development of the Internet of Things (including vehicles), VR, AR, and numerous other areas, thanks to low latency, broad connections and greater bandwidth. More and more devices are facing mounting friction between impressive (but power-hungry) features and limited battery capacities. VOOC Flash Charge can help to address this imbalance.
In 2021, OPPO launched its new project at MWCSH — The Flash Initiative — bringing its proprietary VOOC technology to automobiles, public spaces, and chips inside a wide variety of devices.

Fast charging technology is soon expected to broaden out from phones to other headsets, smart home appliances, industrial equipment — and more. In the future, the standardization of this technology could help to improve compatibility, meaning one charger can charge numerous devices.

Meanwhile, as users’ charging needs change, we will see more diverse modes of charging emerge, with wireless charging expected to become very popular. Charging adapters will also become more compact and lightweight, with higher power density. “High power, small size” chargers are one area of focus for R&D in the near future.

Whether people choose wireless or wired charging, VOOC Flash Charge technology is now able to meet a wide range of needs when it comes to charging electronic devices, even in the most extreme circumstances and OPPO’s Flash Charge technology will continue evolving to bring users a new generation charging experience designed to excel in any situation, allowing people to charge any device, anytime, anywhere.

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