No taxes and duties stipulated in the 2023 budget

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to a knowledgeable government source, no taxes and duties, on any commodity and service, are stipulated in the 2023 budget, regardless of the economic challenges Jordan is facing, Al-Rai daily reported.اضافة اعلان

The source said that the government will not address the budget deficit and challenges by imposing new taxes on citizens who are already burdened by taxes and fees, the source said, stressing that the government has taken a different path, tackling the deficit and debt repayment through continuing to pursue tax evaders and collecting funds from them.

This has shown in the higher tax revenues this year, compared to previous years, he said, adding that there is also tougher controlling and combating of smuggling, in all its forms, reached by standardizing customs duties between Aqaba and the rest of the Kingdom, in order to raise customs revenues from taxes on imports.

The 2023 budget will be very similar to that of the current year, in terms of size; next year’s budget deficit will be reduced by continuing economic reforms, the source said.

According to the source, one of the objectives of next year’s budget is to promote economic growth by allocating funds to implement the Economic Modernization Vision and the administrative modernization process.

He said that one of its main objectives is to encourage investment, create jobs and increase production in various sectors, and stressed that Jordan has come a long way toward achieving these goals through the adoption of legislation regulating the investment environment, including issuing approval for investment within 15 days.

The source added that next year’s budget will also focus on providing social protection by raising or maintaining the JD220 million allocated for this purpose, in addition to continuing to subsidize the commodities currently supported by the government, to keep their prices stable in the midst of worldwide rises as a result of the global geo-political turmoil.

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