Motory entering Jordanian market with a range of online car-marketing services

Motory entering Jordanian market with a range of online car-marketing services
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PRESS RELEASE — With the launch of Motory in 2014, the Saudi Arabian automotive marketing industry has been forever changed, as this website has the same values of respect, improvement, pioneering, and empowerment as being a part of Abdullatif Jameel Technology. With the launch of the website and its outstanding services in Jordan, a connection will be made between official sellers seeking an online car marketing platform and an eager buyer seeking one place with a wide selection of vehicles from multiple dealers.اضافة اعلان

Since the beginning, Motory has done an outstanding job analyzing market indications that reflect consumer preferences for either online car buying or car selling. Motory has developed an advanced technological platform that allows customers to find a wide range of new cars and explore their features and specifications in detail.
 The website provides extensive details on car specs, prices, offers, financing solutions, and seamless communication between the customer and companies.
In addition to Motory's significance in the automotive e-marketing sector and its responsibilities as a pioneer, the website aims to fill the informational void that the Jordanian user searches for on a daily basis but is unable to find a satisfactory response to; this is where Motory can help by generating essential content and enhancing the region's online car-purchasing experience.

In just a decade, Motory successfully positioned itself as the primary source for all information and services related to buying and selling cars in the Saudi market. This accomplishment is emphasized by the substantial increase in website traffic, reaching 18 million in 2021, signifying a remarkable 13% rise compared to the previous year.

Ahmad Al Tawbah, Chief Executive Officer of Motory, said: “Buying a car is a big decision, both financially and personally, which is why we want to help make that process as streamlined and easy for people as possible. As part of this, we are thrilled to bring to Jordan and offer our top-notch automotive marketing services to customers here. This expansion is aligned with our goal to provide a seamless car buying journey to people across the region. Our platform serves as a gateway to the automotive world, catering to the evolving needs of the automotive industry in the digital age.”
Market entry into Jordan marks the initial phase of regional expansion strategy
Motory services can be summarized with some key highlights. As the online platform boasts an extensive selection of new cars, each accompanied by in-depth specifications and pricing details. Furthermore, it provides informative guides and reviews to assist users in embarking on a well-informed purchasing experience.

Motory website anticipates to establish an effective presence in the Jordanian automotive market as well as the larger region through this expansion strategy. This is accomplished by providing outstanding solutions that meet the various needs of all users.

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