JD8 billion in outstanding dues owed to gov’t

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Head of the Lower House Finance Committee Mohammad Al-Saudi said that about JD8 billion is owed to the government, according to Jo24.

Saudi said that funds owed to the Treasury have not been collected for years, and this has caused a financial crisis for the government. He called for collection mechanisms to recoup the outstanding debts instead of imposing fees and increasing prices on citizens.اضافة اعلان

Saudi said that JD500 million is owed to the Greater Amman Municipality alone and has not been collected for years, in addition to the existence of outstanding balances between municipal departments that have not been settled.

Saudi said that the government in 2020 was collecting the taxes owed to it through settlements between the Income and Sales Tax Department, companies, and taxpayers, and these funds add up to an amount of JD8 billion that the government has been unable to collect.

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