Italian weeks kicks off in Jordan with variety of dishes on display

(Photo: @italianembassyamman)
Press Release — The Italian week kicked off in Jordan this week, presenting dishes from various parts of the European country in line with its cultural exchange with the Kingdom, the Italian Embassy said in a press statement.اضافة اعلان

It said 2022 is the seventh consecutive year Jordan experiences the “inebriating aroma of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World.” The Italian cuisine event opened on November 14 and will continue through November 20.

It said the project was launched by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in 2016 to “build up on some of the key features of EXPO Milano 2015, such as sustainability, food safety, identity of territories and biodiversity, all remaining, together with the concept of regeneration and innovation, also at the core of Rome’s candidacy to EXPO 2030”.

“The theme chosen for this year’s edition of the Cuisine Week ‘“Conviviality, sustainability, and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for the health of people and the protection of the planet”’ brings the main focus on the Mediterranean diet, a healthy and balanced diet that emphasizes fresh, natural, locally grown and seasonal products,” the statement said.

The week, organized by the embassy in cooperation with the local Italian Trade Agency, and many other local partners, “involves eminent Chefs from various parts of the Italian peninsula, as well as Italian restaurants in Jordan and academies of Italian cuisine”, according to the statement.

It said the initiative presents the “culinary art as an opportunity for authentic sharing and dialogue between cultures, through which to promote the enhancement of the solid and long-lasting Italian-Jordanian relationship, as well as spreading both typical Italian cuisine and the culture and ideas behind it”.

Italian deli food will be on display in a corner at Select Foods Shoppe, and Cozmo Supermarket, the statement said. It said a live cooking show will be held twice daily at Cozmo by several Italian Chefs between 11 am to 1 pm, and again at 5–7 pm on November 14–20.

On November 15 and through the end of the month, a photographic exhibition curated by the Slow Food Association (“Gli Eroi del Cibo — Food Heroes”) will be held at Amman’s Manara Arts and Culture.

Chef Renato Bernardi, widely known as an ambassador of the Mediterranean diet, gave a cooking class on rice, followed by a dinner at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts on the opening night.

Along with the directors of the Cerealia Festival, he is also meeting with young Jordanian students, both in Amman and Aqaba, to lecture on “conviviality, sustainability and innovation in the kitchen”. The lecturing aims at promoting territories through typicality and enhancing local communities. The second half of the week will also see a tribute paid to the Italian confectionery tradition, with events and tastings dedicated to ice cream and pastry.

The Italian Cuisine Week in Amman “is designed to offer a multi-sensory degustation of Italian culinary treasures, enhancing intercultural dialogue and honoring the deep connection with Jordan”, the statement said.

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