Gas is optimal fuel for winter heating in Jordan ­­— expert

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Consultant and photovoltaic system expert Ahmed Al-Salaymeh warned the public on Saturday against using electric-powered heaters, saying that gas is the least expensive heating method in the Kingdom, according to Khaberni.اضافة اعلان

Jordan is the second most expensive country in the Arab region in terms of fuel and electricity prices, after Palestine, he said, attributing the high energy prices to price liberalization measures in recent years and the fixed tax on oil derivatives.

Salaymeh conducted a study on heating methods and their costs for Jordanian families, and found that gas is the least expensive fuel for household heating compared with electricity and diesel, given that the price of standard gas cylinders used for heating and cooking in homes is subsidized by the government.

In terms of heating value, household gas cylinders are followed by larger unsubsidized cylinders weighing 50kg or more, then by diesel and electricity, he said.

The expert predicted that electricity bills will be high this winter as families use electricity for heating, especially as prices increase over the subsidized threshold of 300kWh per month from five piasters per kilowatt to up to 20 piasters per kilowatt.

Currently, the prices of kerosene and diesel are also “very high” due to the recent government pricing, Salaymeh noted.

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