Consumer inflation records 2.68% increase over past 7 months

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AMMAN — The overall consumer price index, commonly referred to as inflation, has exhibited a notable uptick of 2.68 percent during the preceding seven months of 2023, reaching a value of 108.60, up from the 105.77 registered for the corresponding period in 2022.اضافة اعلان

Released by the Department of Statistics (DoS) on Thursday, the monthly report divulged that various significant commodity categories have markedly influenced the general consumer price index surge until July 2023. Notably, the fuel and lighting category experienced a substantial increase of 12.46 percent, followed by culture and entertainment at 8.02 percent, dairy, and egg products at 7.68 percent, furniture, carpets, and beddings at 7.25 percent, and health at 4.79 percent.

Inflation in July
In a more recent development, they reported that the general consumer price index observed a 0.92 percent escalation during July 2023, compared to 2022.

Furthermore, the report expounded on the principal contributors to the observed inflation increase for July 2023 as compared to July 2022. Prominent amongst these contributors was the personal belongings category, which surged by 7.65 percent. This was closely followed by tobacco and cigarettes at 5.18 percent, dairy and egg Products at 3.63 percent, personal care at 3.29 percent, and subscriptions at 3.25 percent.

The report also underscored several noteworthy commodity categories that facilitated the elevation in the general consumer price index for the month of July. Notable examples included vegetables, legumes, and canned goods, which exhibited a rise of 5.02 percent, trailed by grains and their products at 0.21 percent, sugar and its products at 0.18 percent, dairy and egg products at 0.10 percent, and culture and entertainment at 0.10 percent.

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