Careem enables customers in Jordan to give back to the community during the holy month of Ramadan

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Press Release — Careem announces the launch of a number of Ramadan initiatives during the holy month, enabling customers to give back to their communities across the Kingdom. In a move to foster community support, Careem introduces a dedicated Ramadan car type, through which customers will be able to add 1 JOD to every ride they take, which will be matched by Careem and donated  to Tkiyet Um Ali  to provide a Ramadan meal to those in need. اضافة اعلان

The Ramadan car type comes as a part of Careem’s on-going commitment towards contributing and bringing a positive impact to local communities. Amounts donated through this initiative will go towards the "Mawaed Al Rahman Program" that serves around 4,000 Iftar meals daily throughout the holy month in different governorates across the Kingdom.

A new Ramadan car type, allows customers to add 1 JOD to each ride, which will be matched and donated to Tkiyet Um Ali to provide meals to those in need.

In addition to the Ramadan car type, Careem in Jordan has also introduced the option for customers to donate with their food orders from selected restaurants. The donation feature, named "Eat a Plate to Fill a Plate," offers donation options of 1, 2, and 3 JODs. The donations collected through this initiative will also go to Tkiyet Um Ali, further supporting their efforts to provide meals to those in need during Ramadan.

Commenting on the announcement, Antonio Al Asmar, GM of Careem Rides in Jordan, UAE, Kuwait & Morocco said: "At Careem we share the joy of this holy month with the community, and we are proud to bring this Ramadan car type which will enable many to take part in giving back to those in need. For every Careem ride taken during the holy month using the Ramadan car type, customers will have the option to contribute towards making a difference in our community"

Ramadan iftar events are held throughout the holy month for Captains from across the Kingdom.

"This initiative in partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali is inline with our on-going commitment to bringing a positive impact to the communities we are part of across the region, and a reflection of our commitment to transforming lives and fostering a spirit of giving during Ramadan.”

On his part, Samer Balkar, the General Manager of Tkyiet Um Ali, expressed his gratitude to Careem for their belief in the role that Tkyiet Um Ali plays, represented by reaching out to families in need in the kingdom and providing them with a dignified livelihood.

It’s worth mentioning that, Tkiyet Um Ali provides sustainable food aid to families living in extreme poverty in all provinces and governorates across the Kingdom. These families receive monthly parcels that include all the basic nutritional elements which fulfill the needs of a family for an entire month.

"Eat a Plate to Fill a Plate" offers donation options of 1, 2, and 3 JODs to Tikiyet Um Ali on food orders from selected restaurants.

Since launching in Jordan, Careem has played a key role in bringing a positive impact to the community, and this Ramadan the company continues to do that through a number of initiatives during the holy month. The Ramadan car type and ‘Eat a plate to fill a plate’ initiative are now available on the Careem app in Jordan, and customers will be able to do their part and give back to the community when taking a ride or ordering a meal throughout the holy month. Careem is also hosting Ramadan iftar events throughout the month for Captains from across the Kingdom, and additionally colleagues are also doing their part by participating in meal packing and distribution efforts.

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