CGuards: Protecting data through cybersecurity services

Left to right: Ala’ Amira, Mohammed Al-Taji, and Ahmad Al-Barghouthi. (Photos: Handouts from Mohammed Al-Taji)
AMMAN — CGuards is a cybersecurity consulting firm that provides “rational, and well-structured cybersecurity strategies and solutions”. Founded in 2019, it provides services like governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), business continuity, data classifications, technical assessment, training, and awareness.اضافة اعلان
The company’s goal is to keep its clients safe from cyber-attacks while also adhering to national and international cybersecurity and privacy standards.

“We also provide cybersecurity and privacy services for businesses by outsourcing the responsibilities to CGuards,” Mohammad Al-Taji, founder and CEO of CGuards, said in an interview with Jordan News.

He added that through GRC service, the company works on developing policies, procedures and documentation, including strategies, processes and standards, and through risk management, the company works on developing risk methodology and programs, thus providing risk assessment services to clients.

“We also offer business risk assessment and privacy impact assessment,” he said, adding that the governance, risk, and compliance services are done based on national and international standards, such as those set by the Central Bank of Jordan, nationally, and ISO 22301, internationally.

Taji, whose company also serves clients in Saudi Arabia, said it adheres to each country’s national standards in order to satisfy requirements or provide clients with certifications, like ISO, in addition to providing privacy, information security, and cybersecurity awareness, and training services.

Through the business continuity service, assessments are created, and plans, strategies, policies, and frameworks are developed, enabling clients to manage their businesses without interruption and with the necessary systems.
Furthermore, data is analyzed and evaluated, classified, and the level of information privacy and who can access it is assessed.

“Data is analyzed as part of the strategy and framework development, and the required records are produced in order to know what the available data is and how it is classified,” the founder said, adding that this procedure can be a linked-to solution, such as DLP Solution, which is a system that allows its engine to accurately identify sensitive data that businesses must protect.

Moreover, CGuards also works on vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and source code review.

As cybersecurity can be penetrable and there is no one solution or system that secures data, all aspects are checked in the tested systems, said Taji who, with his partners Ala’ Amira and Ahmad Al-Barghouthi is working on a software tool that will help organizations manage governance, risk and compliance, and their cybersecurity in general.

He added that previously, there were not many common problems with cybersecurity because there was no widespread use of the internet and applications, and there was no popular understanding of data hacking.

“When knowledge began to be formed, the term cyber began to be known,” he said, adding that “the hacker is always ahead of the data protector”.
Taji said that some of the challenges his business faced were lack of qualified people in Jordan and rivalry among companies when it comes to finding suitable employees.

CGuards was one of the companies that participated in the Artificial Intelligence Defense Technology and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference (AIDTSEC 2021), held in October 2021 at the King Hussain Bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea.

At the conference, Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) enhanced its collaboration and highlighted the Jordanian startups, including CGuard, that were incubated by Himayatech, the first cybersecurity incubator in Jordan managed by the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan (Intaj) with the support and expertise of Intaj, Zain Jordan and the ISSF.

“Intaj approached us to join the Himayatech incubator,” Taji said, “During the exhibition, ZINC provided startup companies with a space in its booth, and CGuards, was one of the companies.”

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