Artelligence and their mission to increase smart homes in Jordan

(Photo: Handout from Artelligence)
AMMAN — Artelligence, a combination of the words artificial intelligence (AI) merged into one, is a local company that provides intelligent automation, or “smart” solutions for individuals and industries globally, allowing them to boost efficiency and build profitable and long-term businesses. Through these services, it aspires to lead the Kingdom into a new era of intelligent industry.اضافة اعلان

Due to the rise of the era of technology, the term a smart home has become wildly used to describe homes where networked devices allow remote monitoring and management of equipment and systems such as lighting and heating.

(Photo: Handout from Artelligence)

A smart home is any residence that incorporates technological gear that allows homeowners to control appliances or devices remotely. Innovative home technologies offer homeowners security, convenience, and energy efficiency by enabling them to control smart gadgets. 

“Artelligence is s company of a group of technology-savvy engineers specialized in the manufacture and development of smart home control systems, that was established in 2019,” Ahmad Al-Khatib, founder and general manager of Artelligence, said in an interview with Jordan News.

The role of technology in facilitating the home, according to Ahmad, is providing homes with modern technological systems and home management facilities that allow users to adjust them according to their electricity consumption. It is also to create a smart home that recognizes and adapts to users’ preferences and adjusts on that basis, in addition to the remote-control mechanism.

“After adjusting the light multiple times per day, according to the person’s mood, the system records that information so that the lighting is adjusted according to the person’s mood at that time in the future,” Ahmad mentioned. 

Muhammad Al-Khatib, production manager at Artelligence, told Jordan News that smart sockets, sensors, and control panels are all involved in the design.

The materials used to manufacture their products use microcontroller chips, glass-like plastic covers, and modern designs. “Our products can control lighting, heating devices, water pumps, air conditioning, and alarms, among other things,” he explained.

There are devices that the smart home system relies on to operate the facilities, such as smart switches that replace standard electrical switches, smart sensors, and others.

Muhammad discussed that house technology is a luxury and a need at the same time. In terms of luxury, technology allows individuals to be completely comfortable without having to exert much effort. In terms of the need, it constantly monitors the state of the house to take suitable action.

“Artelligence corporates with Ibrahim Ejailat, Fadi Kildani, and Ejailat for Technology Company in installing the necessary systems for houses,” Ahmad added.

Ahmad and his partners Fadi Ejailat and Ra’ad Qsous’s mission is to establish a Jordanian hard base and expand by manufacturing items that fulfill the demands of all community sectors. Moreover, Ahmad added that Artelligence products are designed to be simple, “the user will never want to live any other way after transforming his house into an Artelligence home,” Ahmad said.

Additionally, Muhammad stated that smart homes are the way of the future since the potential of a smart home extends far beyond privacy, security, or convenience. He noted that the era is progressing and that all aspects of life are heading toward automation and remote control, citing that most modern homes in Jordan now have control panels. 

“Your next home may be smarter than ever, and Jordanians are like other people in the world. They need technology due to limited resources,” Muhammad concluded.

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