Advantages offered by banks to the youths

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AMMAN — Jordan banks provide many distinguished services to the youths in different ways that help and support them. Here are three examples of them:

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Jordan Islamic Bank

Jordan Islamic Bank has several services and accounts for young people.

The best account for those under 18 is the Savings Account and the Deposit Account for savings, which can help youth later, for school or university education and investment in projects.

The account may be in the guardianship of the father or grandfather until they become 18 and over.

As for young people over the age of 18, they can create an account called an on-demand account, which enables them to conduct all financial transactions and participate in competitions and other features.

Another feature that is available in Jordan Islamic Bank is the wireless card, which enables the user to make card withdrawals without the need of inserting the password.

In addition, there is an application called Jordan Islamic Bank that can be found on Google Play and App Store.

The Jordan Islamic Bank has more other services; like Car and vehicle purchase financing, Where the customer can finance new and used cars, buses, and coaches (private, public), flexible repayment periods of (60) months, reduced profit rates, financing amounts that meet your needs, and easy terms and guarantees.

It also provides services for people with disabilities with affording ATMs dedicated to serving customers with visual impairment, with ATMs supported by the Braille language, Facilitate the access of the customer with a mobility disability to the ATMs by designing the height level of the ATMs in proportion to the possibility of accessing the ATMs and withdrawing from them with ease, and Enabling the hearing-impaired customer to obtain banking services and ease of communication with him by providing an interpreter application in sign language.

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Arab Bank

Youth program from the Arab Bank that provides a comprehensive package of banking services and great benefits.

The external services of the World Bank are designed for international banks.

 Youths can get a personal loan with preferential interest rates and without loan commission up to 2000 dinars for employed students, and up to 10,000 dinars for new employees, exemption from salary transfer commissions and minimum balance, visa payment card with a special design and without monthly fees, free online shopping card, exclusive discounts and offers at a group of restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, health clubs, shopping stores and more, and free digital banking services (internet banking service “Arabi Online”, “Arabi Mobile” application for smartphones, in addition to ATM and interactive ATM services).

Shabab Credit Card is a uniquely designed card that is safe to use and has been equipped with advanced smart chip technology that is characterized by maximum security and protection in addition to the contactless feature to make daily purchases quickly and securely by simply swiping your card that contains the contactless feature on the merchant’s device.

In addition, the Shabab Credit Card offers a range of benefits, including; competitive interest rates, Annual commission waiver, exclusive discounts and offers, high limit on cash withdrawals, a convenient payment program with competitive interest rates starting from 0%, 24/7 phone service center, speed in the card issuance process, local and international acceptance of the card, and many other advantages.

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Housing Bank

Account-holders in the bank have access to the widest network of branches and ATMs located throughout the Kingdom.

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance seeks to be the pioneer in the field of banking in the Kingdom by meeting the needs, and personal aspirations of customers.

One of the most requested services from the youth category is electronic services.

They allow the customer to carry out financial operations, such as paying bills, transferring money, purchasing products, and other services, in complete secrecy, around the clock, seven days a week.

The ATMs operating at the bank amount to 217 machines distributed in all governorates of the Kingdom to serve the largest segment of customers at the level of the bank and other banks.

Also, mobile ATMs are available to serve customers during occasions and holidays.

The Housing Bank offers the most advanced services to meet all your desires and ambitions around the clock, which include; ATMs, Housing Online, Housing messenger, Mobile housing, Instant Bank, and Spokesman Bank.

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