Project Amoux: From ‘zero’ to three successful companies

In this undated photo, Awn Nuwwar. The 21 year old owns three companies and started out offering simple services. (Photo: Handout from Awn Nuwwar)
In this undated photo, Awn Nuwwar. The 21 year old owns three companies and started out offering simple services. (Photo: Handout from Awn Nuwwar)
AMMAN — Awn Nuwwar was only 18 years old when he started working on launching what is now known as Project Amoux, an umbrella company that covers three successful businesses: Amoux co., Kardal, and Mabade2. اضافة اعلان

The 21-year-old entrepreneur worked for four consecutive years in various areas including hospitality, sales, and construction before and while launching his first business. 

Project Amoux first emerged as a servicing company for gardening, cleaning, and other home services in Australia, where Nuwwar performed all the work himself. 

“That is how entrepreneurship started for me. That is the first thing I dealt with,” Nuwwar told Jordan News in an interview over the phone.

He considers his first attempt a success, but said he had some failures afterwards that he learned from.

“What makes me different from other entrepreneurs is that every project that I have started, I started from zero,” Nuwwar said. “I did not get an investment; I did not put any of my own money into it. If I did, it was a very small amount of money.” 

He described Kardal, his online bookstore, as an example. Nuwwar said he started Kardal in November 2020 with only JD10, which he dedicated to advertising. “This is kind of like drop-shipping, but scaled down to a local market,” he explained.

Drop-shipping is when a business doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock, but rather purchases the item from a third party seller upon order.

Whenever Kardal gets an order, Nuwwar goes to his source, a bookstore in downtown Amman, and gets the books himself. He then sells them while making what he calls a “reasonable” profit. He added that most his customers know they can get these books for a cheaper price downtown.

However, Kardal’s excellent customer service combined with Nuwwar’s knack for marketing has kept customers coming back and made the online bookstore a success within mere months. 

“The biggest challenge I have faced is that sometimes I have to tell (people) my age and people won’t take you seriously anymore,” Nuwwar said during the interview.

Nuwwar, who is currently an AI and Robotics engineering undergrad, has a passion for marketing and chose to turn his passion into a career. “I genuinely have a passion for it,” he told Jordan News.

“Marketing I got from my mom and uncle,” he said. “Business and how to deal with people, I got from my dad.”

He is now dedicated to using his talent for marketing and business to help other small local businesses.  

Amoux co., Nuwwar’s solutions company and the one he describes as his life project, boasts a diverse clientele of major corporate names in Jordan — but he says he would like to focus more on small businesses. “My main vision is to help small businesses get their fair share of the market. That is exactly what we do at Amoux co.,” he explained.

Nuwwar currently has around 12 more projects focused on social responsibility and the community. He told Jordan News he’s currently waiting for his three main initiatives to bring in consistent and strong income to fund these new projects.

“Amman is the place to start a small business,” the undergraduate said. “Amman is the place for startups and entrepreneurs.”
Nuwwar also disagrees with those who believe Jordan has too many entrepreneurs. He said that there is enough space for everyone in the Jordanian market.

“Failure here is reasonable. If you fail here, you can get back on your feet,” he said.

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