Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative trains disabled women across Jordan

(Photo: Women Leaders Without Limitations initiative)
AMMAN – On Sunday, Wael Al-Dwairi, Secretary-General of the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), and Canadian Ambassador Tarik Ali Khan launched the Women Leaders Without Limitations initiative that aims to ease the entry of marginalized groups, including the blind, people with disabilities, women, and youth, into the plumbing sector, spearheaded by the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

Dwairi emphasized the ministry's commitment to women's training, recognizing their pivotal societal role. He highlighted the project's aim to enhance the skills of Jordanian women and residents to tackle challenges in the water sector, thereby reducing water loss and leaks in homes, Al-Ghad reported.

He praised women's involvement in plumbing, considering it a unique experience, positioning Jordan as a leader in the field. Dwairi underscored the importance of strengthening civil society organizations like the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative, advocating for women's roles in society.

Trainee Samah Al-Gharaqeer, who is visually impaired, demonstrated skills acquired from the program and expressed gratitude for the support and pride in her newfound abilities.

Meanwhile, expressing gratitude to the Canadian government, Dwairi emphasized the significance of Jordanian-Canadian cooperation in supporting pioneering programs, especially those addressing Jordan's water challenges.

Khan commended joint cooperation between Jordan and Canada, emphasizing women's empowerment in the plumbing profession, particularly those with special needs, to integrate into society and the labor market.

Omar Salameh, Assistant for Media and Communication Affairs, highlighted plumbing's role in environmental sustainability. He urged continued support for training programs in the water sector.

Tahani Al-Shatti, Director of the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative, emphasized the association's role in training women in plumbing skills across Jordan.

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