Unsubsidized electricity bills to grow manifold

An undated photo of a Jordanian electricity bill. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The bills of those who did not register to have electricity subsidized after the setting of the new tariffs will grow three to five fold, according to Al-Rai News. اضافة اعلان

The Electricity and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) indicated that “families that consume 100 kilowatts per hour each month will see an increase in their bills from JD2.5 to JD12, while for those who consume 200 kilowatts per hour monthly, the bills will increase from JD7.5 to JD24”.

Households that consume around 300 kilowatts constitute around 58 percent of the total households in Jordan. Their bills will grow from JD13 to JD36.

Meanwhile, bills for household that consume 400 kilowatts will increase from JD23 to JD48, and the bills on 500 kilowatt consumption will increase from JD43 to JD72, according to the EMRC.

The new electricity tariffs will go into effect on April 1. Out of a total of 2 million accounts, the number of accounts registered on the website to benefit from the subsidized electricity tariff in the domestic sector amounts to 730,000.

Based on the new tariffs, there will be three segments, each having to pay a certain price: 50 fils per kilowatt in the case of those who consume 1-300 kilowatt per hour, 100 fils per kilowatt by those who consume 301-600 kilowatt per hour, and 200 fils per kilowatt in the case of those who consume more than 600 kilowatts per hour. These segments could benefit from the new electricity tariffs.

According to EMRC, the categories that are not subsidized are non-Jordanian subscribers, owners of more than one account (the subscriber gets to include one account in the subsidized tariff), and unoccupied houses that consume less than 50 kilowatts per hour for three consecutive months.

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