The Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus has performed 39 surgeries

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OCCUPIED WEST BANK – A doctor at the Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus, in the occupied West Bank, stated on Tuesday that the hospital has performed approximately 39 surgeries since its opening last month, including various specialties.اضافة اعلان

According to Al-Mamlaka TV, Major Dr. Hamza Ababneh, a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at the hospital, mentioned that they have conducted around 39 surgeries, ranging from minor to major procedures, in various medical specialties. He highlighted that approximately 15 of these surgeries were cosmetic procedures.

The Jordanian Field Hospital in Nablus started receiving patients and visitors on November 23rd, providing medical and therapeutic services.

Dr. Ababneh spoke about a significant surgical procedure performed on a 25-year-old patient suffering from severe limitations in the movement of the fingers of her left hand. The patient had scars from burns sustained two years ago due to a heat press. The initial treatment involved traditional methods, and the patient did not seek treatment at any hospital until she visited the Jordanian hospital in Nablus.

Upon examination, the patient was found to have severe limitations in the movement of her left hand's fingers, along with significant skin contractions, affecting her daily activities and work. The doctor explained that they performed a surgical procedure involving the removal of the affected area and reconstructing it using a thick skin patch from the abdominal wall. The surgery aimed to repair the limited hand movement, and the patient is expected to undergo additional surgeries and physical therapy for complete hand functionality in the future.

Dr. Ababneh emphasized that the hospital's capabilities, including medical staff and expertise, are extensive, and it is fully equipped to conduct such surgeries regularly. The medical teams are trained to perform these procedures, and the hospital's capacity is integrated for various surgical operations.

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