Students convert used cooking oil into organic fuel

(Photo: Facebook)
AMMAN — Three students at the German Jordanian Universities (GJU) converted vegetable oil which had been used for cooking shawarma and falafel into organic fuel, Ad-Dustour daily reported.اضافة اعلان

Dana Korik, Shatha Al-Khryush and Rama Al-Ghazawi with GJU’s natural resources engineering and management school, converted the oil as part of their final graduation project.

The conversion was carried out under the supervision of the head of the department of energy engineering, Mustafa Al-Jaradat.

The project tackled all aspects of organic fuel, and how used restaurant oil can be converted into fuel to be utilized in different ways.

The students produced the fuel in the university’s laboratories by creating a programmed device to produce organic fuel, which is supplied with used oil and special chemicals. The mixture is then heated to the necessary temperature, and stirred.

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