Shop owners hope for an increase in shopping this summer season

An undated photo of a clothing shop owner in Amman. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The value of apparel imports, including clothes, shoes and fabrics, for the upcoming summer season as well as the holy month of Ramadan season is estimated at JD85m as shop owners prepare and hope for a busy market after a long period of stagnation and low sales. اضافة اعلان

Representative of the clothing sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Asaad Qawasmi told Jordan News that the price of apparel this year will fluctuate, “as imports from China and East Asia, for example, are subject to high shipping fees, raising items’ prices in comparison to shipments from other countries.”

Qawasmi said that with eased COVID-19 restrictions and the advent of Ramadan, retailers hope for an active sales season that would compensate for past losses and financial dues.

Munir Deyye, a shop owner and former president of the Textile Readymade Clothes Syndicate, told Jordan News that “about 60 percent of ordered goods have arrived at the port of Aqaba and have been mostly cleared, noting that there are other orders that are on their way by land from Turkey, and will be available in the market in good time for summer season.

Deyye said that the size of imports this year is smaller than previous years due to the prevailing economic conditions. However, he said that a recent decision to reduce custom duties is seen as favorable among traders, although its impact will take time to manifest.

Despite a rise in freight charges from some countries, goods will be sold at affordable prices; 10-15 percent lower than average due to several factors, like the public’s low purchasing power and high competition among shop owners.

However, trader Shareef Hamaideh told Jordan News that despite all the positive indicators that promise a busy season, he believes that “people’s behavior has switched to shopping for necessities and saving up for emergencies, such as epidemics and wars.” 

Hamaideh said he can easily “put himself in the shoes of shoppers and can understand that people must put their priorities right in these difficult times.”

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