‘Severe shortage of specialized doctors’ major problem in Jordan — expert

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AMMAN — According to Professor of Medicine and Surgery Dr Abdullah Al-Bashir, the greatest problem faced by Jordan’s medical sector is the “severe shortage of specialized doctors”, especially in public sector hospitals. This is despite the large number of doctors who graduate with bachelor's degrees from Jordanian universities.اضافة اعلان

Speaking during an interview on the Amman TV channel, Bashir said he believes the solution to this problem is to rely on the Jordanian Medical Council’s (JMC) specialization programs.

New specializationsA decision was taken by the JMC to identify specialties that do not yet have committees within the council for the purpose of developing specialization programs and introducing these specialties to the Kingdom’s medical sector, he said. This step will achieve two goals: first, to create space for rare sub-specialties required in Jordan; and second, to open space for new doctors to identify suitable specialization programs.

Bashir predicted a “quantum leap” in the sector with the implementation of this step.

Local medical training
“The medical council represents the future of medicine in Jordan,” he said. “It is what has led to a qualitative medical shift in the Kingdom since its establishment in 1982.”

Instead of doctors heading abroad to obtain external specializations, “it was better to create training inside Jordan, conducting local and national programs in Jordanian medical institutions to graduate specialists who provide specialized health care,” he explained.

Regional reputation
The professor confirmed that Jordan “is still preserving its medical reputation, providing medical care based on international standards, and pioneering surgical operations”, without any backtracking in these efforts.

The reputation of the Jordan Medical Council also attracts many foreign doctors to obtain its accreditation, Bashir noted.

This can be seen in the hundreds of Saudi doctors who complete the Jordanian board exam. The council recently examined 400 Saudi doctors, he said.

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